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Water treatment utilizing the process of coagulation / rapid mixing flocculation and filtration is referred to as

Direct filtration

Flocculation and sedimentation are examples of

Physical treatment processes

The term for the waste stream generated by sedimentation process is referred to as


The most common form of primary coagulant is


The optimum coagulant dosage is estimated in the laboratory by the

Jar test

Nonsettable solids are classified as________solids

Suspended Collodial and dissolved

Compliance with the enhanced coagulation rule can be accomplished by carrying out the following

Lowering the pH of raw water significantly increasing the amount of coagulant added to a raw water removing a set amount of Toc based on the amount of Toc in the water and the source water alkalinity

Colloidal particles resist coalescing and coagulation because of their

Surface charge

The primary function of a flocculation Basin is to

Increase the number of particle collisions and grow the floc

Is polyphosphates in chlorine is used to inhibit iron and manganese what do you add first

First polyphosphate

What chemical should you add to remove color in raw water


The type of currents that may be found in a typical sedimentation tank include the following

Surface density Eddy currents

The four zones on a conventional sedimentation tank are

The inlet settling sludge and Outlet sounds

Fluoride in water is dose differently in the summer and winter why

The drastic changes of water consumption between summer and winter

The coagulation flocculation process is dependent on the following two produces satisfactory floc

Raw water temperature the pH of raw water the amount of alkalinity present or absent from the raw water

Adding cationic polymer is to Raw water will help

Prevent floc from Easley shearing neutralize the negative charges that colloids hold agglomerate microfloc to build a macro flocks

Sedimentation can be improved by

Maintaining a uniform horizontal low-velocity flow across the basin

The following can be said about colloid particles

Failure to remove them before they reach the filter beds can result in dramatically increased ability level readings on the effluent side of the filters they are negatively charged charged neutralization with a coagulant Aid like a cationic polymer accelerates the removal from raw water

Why were high rate tube settlers developed

To increase the settling efficiency of conventional rectangular sedimentation basins

Solids contact basins and sludge blanket clarifiers are also called

Upflow clarifiers

Both Alum and ferric sulfate are affected by


Van del walls principle is based on particle

Attraction forces

Sodium hydroxide is used in water treatment for

pH stabilization

Which synthetic organic chemical compound is used as a coagulant and or filter Aid in conventional water treatment plants


Important operating reason for adding powdered activated carbon ahead of the normal coagulation flocculation and filtration is that

Carbon treatment should not be allowed to interfere with disinfection

The most desirable place to feed activated carbon in a lime soda ash softening plant is

to raw water at earliest-stage possible

The purpose of adding carbon dioxide to water after a chemical precipitation softening process is to

Restore the carbonate balance

Harness remaining in finished water within a range of 50 to 85 mg per liter as CaCO3 is

Desirable intends to prevent corrosion problems

At 9 a.m. a pressure transducer located at the bottom of 100 foot diameter storage tank used to measure water levels indicates 10psig at 5 p.m. the pressure transducer indicates 6 PSIG determine the gallons of water used during The 8 Hour.

542554 gallons