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Airspeed or vertical speed changes greater than this is considered windshear
15 knots or 500 fpm
Typical duration of a microburst
2-5 min.
Typical diameter of a microburst
2 miles
Vertical speed which microburst downdrafts can exceed
6000 fpm
Maximum temperature for heating the canopy transparency when deicing
150º F
Outside air temperature where icing may occur
≤ 5º C
Amount of slush or water in which hydroplaning may occur
> 0.1 inch
Airspeed at which hydroplaning on the nose tire may occur (normal tire pressure)
≥ 85 knots
Airspeed at which hydroplaning on the main tires may occur (normal tire pressure)
≥ 115 knots
Preheating is recommended prior to engine start (outside air temperature)
< -29º C
External power is recommended for engine start (outside air temperature)
< -18º C