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4 reasons why people think conservations are important

Protect food supply

Protect damage to food chain

Protect organisms which are useful for Medical studies

Protect places habitats people visit or study

When are organisms at the risk of extinction?

When the number of individuals or habitats fall below a critical level

3 things to remember on conservation projects

Population size (is there enough genetic variation for it to survive)

Is there suitable habitats available

Amount of competition of other species

3 things whale body's are used for

Teeth for buttons

Liver for oil

Skin for accessories

Why do some people object captive breeding with whales?

They loose their freedom

What is an alternative way to find out about whales without killing them?

Study migration patterns and whale communication

What does sustainable development mean?

Taking enough resources for our need but leaving enough for the future and not causing any damage

2 examples of sustainable development

- fishing quotas

- replanting woods

3 ways we can put sustainable development into practice and what will we achieve

Manage alternative fuels to fossil fuels

Supply large amounts of food without destroying habitats

Dispose large amounts of waster products to reduce pollution