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to sculpture bone
Bone Chisel
to scrape remnants of adenoid tissue.
Adenoid Curette
to scrape bone.
Bone Curette
to scrape dermis.
Dermal Curette
to scrape the inner ear (i.e. stapes)
Ear Curette
to scrape endometrial lining of uterus.
Uterine Curette
to scrape uterine cavity (usually post-pregnant uterus)
Large Uterine Curette
to scrape endocervical and endometrial lining of uterus.
Malleable Uterine Curette
to cut bone
Bone Cutter
to take down tissue off the cartilage (e.g., nasal septum)
Freer Elevator
To scrape and remove periosteum from bone in preparation for an incision on bone.
Periosteal Elevator
to scrape along rib to remove tissue and cartilage
Rib Elevator
To elevate and dissect septum during intranasal procedures
Septum Elevator
To hold knife blade
Scalpel Handle
To create a fine puncture in the tympanic membrane for ear drainage in myringotomy.
Ear Knife