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How can you extend the life of your instruments, especially scissors?
Tungsten Carbide inserts
What are needle holders used for? What are 2 types?
ONLY for suturing
-Not wire twisting etc
-Carbide inserts
2 types: Mayo-Hegar, Olsen-Hegar
What are the 2 types of scissors? What are the intended functions for each?
Metzenbaums=fine tissue
Mayo= fascia
How can you identify kelly hemostatic forceps?
Transverse grooves distal half of tips
What are the uses of Kelly hemostatic forceps?
Grasping bleeding vessels and stumps
How can you identify Crile hemostatic forceps?
Transverse grooves whole length of tips
What are Crile hemostatic forceps used for?
Grasping bleeding vessels and stumps
How can you identify carmalt hemostatic forceps?
Longitudinal grooves whole length of tips, transverse grooves at end of tips (for grasping vessels)
What are Carmalt hemostatic forceps used for?
Ligation of stumps and pedicles
What are Adson thumb forceps used for?
Used for suturing skin and facial planes
-Secure yet delicate grip
How can you identify Brown- adson thumb forceps?
Intermeshing fine teeth
-Wide tip allows more grasp
-Broad yet delicate tissue grip
What thumb forceps are the most traumatic?
-Increased trauma compared to adson or DeBakey
What are DeBakey thumb forceps used for?
Very delicate tissue handling
-Initially developed for minimizing endothelial damage
DeBakey thumb forceps are excellent for ____ and _____ surgery
Abdominal & thoracic
How do you identify DeBakey thumb forceps?
One set of grooves or barbs down the forcep (compared to adson is one set of barbs on tip)
What are the 2 general types of retractors?
1) Senn
-Hand held
2) Self-retaining
-muscle/ fascia
What is a Balfour retractor?
Self-retaining abdominal retractor
-Indispensable for abdominal surgery
What are 2 types of self-retaining retractors?
Weitlaner (3 prongs)
Gelpi (Single pointy prong)
What are Finochietto retractors?
Self retaining thoracic retractor
-Indispensable for intercostal approach and midline sternotomy
What are the 3 general types of surgical packs?
1) Minor instrument pack
2) Major instrument ack
3) Specific use packs
-Spay pack
-Laceration pack
-TPLO pack
-Orthopedic pack
-Laparoscopy pack
-Arthroscopy pack
What is the definition of aseptic technique?
Methods and practices that prevent cross contamination in surgery
What are the 4 components of aseptic technique?
1) Facilities and environment
2) Surgical site
3) Surgical team
4) Surgical equipment/ instruments
What is the definition of sterilization?
Total elimination of microorganisms
-Sterilize any object that contacts inner tissues
What are the 3 methods of sterilization?
1) Steam
2) Chemical
-Ethylene oxide
-Cold chemical (glutaraldehyde)
3) Plasma gas
What are 2 types of chemical sterilization?
Ethylene oxide
cold chemical (glutaraldehyde)
What is the principle of sterilization using an autoclave (steam)?
Causes coagulation and protein denaturization
**What is the temperature and time needed for steam sterilization?
15- 20 minutes at 250-254 F
How does ethylene oxide cause sterilization?
Causes alkylation (destruction of proteins)
What are 5 warnings of ethylene oxide?
1) Flammable
2) Explosive
3) Byproduct (ethylene glycol)
4) Carcinogen
5) Teratogenic
How long does sterilization using ethylene oxide take?
17 h cycle
When is plasma gas the preferred method of sterilization?
Metallic and rubberized materials
Porous materials
-Because low temperature
How long does plasma gas sterilization take?
75 m cycle
-No aeration required
-Low toxicity
How does plasma gas work?
H2O2 excited by electric charge creates free radicals that are cytotoxic to bacteria
What is plasma gas?
A cloud of free radicals
What are 4 types of drape materials?
1) Cotton muslin
140-270 thread count
2) Non-woven (paper or polypropylene) barrier material
3) Paper/plastic pouches (heat sealed)
4) Clear plastic dust covers
What is the advantage of using non-woven barrier material for a drape? Disadvantage?
Advantage: relatively inexpensive, water resistant barrier/ no strike through
Disadvantage: less durable
What method results in the longest sterile shelf life?
Double wrapping
Heat sealed
Plastic cover
What are the 2 types of sterilization indicators?
-Most common
-Spores, sterilization then cultured, if growth then failure of sterilization
Label the parts of the instrument
What are the 2 types of surgical instrument cleaning used before autoclaving?
1) Manual
2) Ultrasonic
What are the 2 things to be careful about when using paper/ plastic pouches that are heat sealed?
Not durable when single wrapped
Fragile when moist (turn upside down to dry)
Why is it so important to cool items being removed form the autoclave individually to dry on racks?
Otherwise condensation leads to strike through
How can you maximum the shelf life via autoclave storage conditions?
Store in waterproof dust covers in closed cabinets