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Define a fillet

An arc tangent to two entities

When trimming, a "solid entity between two points" represents what will be created.


The Dynamic Gnomon is an interactive item used in the graphics window to locate and align a set of axes.


Where do full circles start and end?


In the Xform Rotate function, what is zero position referenced to?

Relative to horizontal in the active plane.

Select the best answer for the following: What does the Work Offset # in the View Manager do.

Assigns a work offset number to the associated view.

How many selection points on an axis of the dynamic gnomon can redefine the axis vector?

3 selection points

Which of the following Trim function buttons is not mutually exclusive?


In the Xform Rotate function, what is the zero position referenced to?

At 3:00 in the current construction plane.

How many selection points are along each axis of the dynamic gnomon?

5 selection points

Which of the following can be used to define a plane?

2 lines, an arc, a flat surface, 3 points

Arcs may not be created on an extended portion of the selected entity.


Polar Arcs are calculated in a clockwise direction


It is a good idea to copy system views when shifting the Zero to accommodate multiple setups on the CNC machine.


After using the Xform function, what are the original entities called?


Press F9 to:

Show/hide the coordinate axes and system origin

When extruding a solid the direction is set by

B and C

To create a parallel line that is tangent to an arc, click the Tangent button in the Line Parallel ribbon bar, Select the reference line, and then choose the entity you want the parallel line to be tangent to


When you create entities dynamically, they are drawn with a white line. This is called the phantom state. When you click the final position to create the entity, the entity becomes:


Setting a new active WCS, Cplane, and Tplane in the View Manager tells Mastercam to

Map the axis to the desired plan as if rotating a part by hand

Ina Top view and plane, vertical is parallel to which axis?

Y axis

When using the Autocursor to set a Delta Position?

Hold shift and select a position

To move between buttons and fields in ribbon bars, you can:

All of the above

In 2D mode, where is geometry created?

Parallel to the current Cplane at the current system Z depth

What is term that defines the Color, Line Style, Point Style, Level, Line Width, and Surface Density of an entity?


A hidden entity will remain hidden when a file is saved and re-opened


You can create a full circle by entering 0 for the start angle and 360 for the end angle?


A locked Autocursor override remains in effect until you perform one of the following actions.

All of the above

All basic geometry can be created through the Sketcher toolbar.


Which is not a typical task of the View Manager?

Changing the Gview

Select the best answer to place copies around the selected center point using Solid Circular Pattern.

All of the Above

Selecting an arrowhead on the dynamic gnomon controls

Align the axis

In 3D mode, where is geometry created?

At all of the geometry positions listed above

After using Xform function, what are the new entities called?