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a person unlawfully deprived from his/her property


wrongful taking of the personal property f another with intent to steal (with aspiration) (ex: someone takes something (your property) from your desk, and leaves with it)


unlawful appropriation to your own use of another’s property that is in trusted in you

False Pretense

transfer of ownership brought up with false pretenses (ex: selling a car with a car title)


making material alteration of an existing/written instruments (with intent to defraud) (ex: can be deed to house or lease, if you have a roommate you hate and you pencil their name on the lease so that they are force to pay)

Receiving Stolen Property

knowingly taking possession or control, over another’s property with the intent to deprive (ex: if you go to someone’s baseman and see a big TV and there was a chip on the side, and couple days later you see that persons uncle come with a pick up truck full of the same TV’s with the same chip on the side)


unlawful taking of property by force, or threat of force


breaking, and entering of a building, locked automobile with the intent to commit a crime


burglary committed during societal crisis (ex: something committed during Super Storm Sandy, Katrina, Ferguson)


taking personal property by the treat of future harm, the revelation of personal private information (ex: old boyfriend “give me all your money, or that tape we made will be on YouTube” or I want that bonus or ill make a phone call and et the company know about you.

Identity Theft

most prevalent in the 21st century. Un-notarized use of another individual’s personal identity to fraudulently obtain money


the killing of one human by the act or omission of another human being.

All murder is homicide BUT..

not all homicide is murder

Why is not all homicide murder?

Justifiable: self-defense

Excuses: juvenile, accident, insanity, mistake

Model penal code categories

Murder (1st/2nd degree)

Manslaughter (voluntary/involuntary)

Negligent homicide

Corpus Delicti

Death of a human being +

A person is responsible for the act

Uniform Determination of Death Act

Irreversible cessation of brain function


Cessation of circulatory function + cessation of respiratory function


The death must be the natural + probable

consequence of the Defendant's Act

1st Degree Murder

Unlawful killing

Human Being


2nd Degree Murder

Also known as "Felony Murder" in NJ

2nd Degree Murder

During commission of a felony// Malicious


Capital Murder

Murder for which the death penalty is

authorized by law

Voluntary Manslaughter

Killing of another human in the heat W/O


Involuntary Manslaughter

Someone dies as a result of unlawful act

Negligent Homicide

Willfully indifferent to the life of others// Not

being careful

Example of Negligent Homicide

Certain religions don't allow parents to use medicine and doctors to cure their children.. Result= children dead

Vehicular Homicide

Defendant's reckless operation of a vehicle in a manner likely to cause death

Notion of Proximate Cause

Causation: Death must be the natural+ probable consequence of Defense's Act.

Notion of Proximate Cause

There is no time limit attached to this notion, it used to be a year+ a day


Legal in 5 states// medical suicide


Unlawful physical touching inflicted upon

another W/O consent


An attempted or threatened battery

Assault is an attempt + presentability=


Aggravated Assault

An assault that is committed with the intention of committing another crime

Special Circumstances for Aggravated Assault:

children, police officers, aged, infirm, teachers

Extended Assault Law

Bullying + cyber bullying

Cyber bullying

Intentional frightening/intimidation of another via computer

NJ calls Mayhem what?



battery involving malicious infliction of violent injury

You can consent to Mayhem, such as

Boxing + sports (football)

What percentage of college-women have

experienced unlawful sexual contact


Rape (1st Degree Sexual Assault)

Sexual intercourse, sexual molestation abuse, sodomy

Martial exemption (Doesn't exist anymore)

If you're married, you can't be raped

Cohabitation exemption (Still exists)

If you're living with someone, you can't be raped

Statutory Rape

Sexual intercourse, whether consensual or not, with a person under the age of consent, as

specified by statue

Rape shield law

A statute intended to protect victims of rape by limiting a defendant's in-court use of a victim's sexual history

Exception to Rape Shield Law

Relevance (consent)


Unlawful taking AND asportation of a person

-By force

-Vs. that person's will

False Imprisonment

Same as kidnapping W/O asportation

Example of False Imprisonment

Moving from upstairs to basement// Restricting freedom

Anti-Stalking Laws