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Channels: LI, LIV, LU, SP, ST

Properties: Sour, Astringent, Cold

* Relieves toxicity, kills parasites, dries dampness, & alleviates itching: external wash *scabies, ringworm, and rashes from dampness or damp-heat. Also swollen & painful throat or eyes as well as jaundice

* Stops bleeding & alleviates diarrhea: bleeding & vaginal discharge. Topical use for nosebleeds, hemmorrhoidal bleeding, bleeding gums, & bleeding from external injuries.

~ Clears heat & expels phlegm: wind-phlegm disorders (irritability, delirium, convulsions). Also cough with difficult to expectorate sputum

C&C: internal use
- Contraindicated for weak digestive systems or in absence of damp heat
Ming Fan
Channels: KI, SP

Properties: Spicy, Bitter, Warm

* Dries dampness, kills parasites, & stops itching: topical wash, powder, or ointment for any weeping, itchy skin lesions, especially in genital area (also hands & feet). Also scabies and ringworm

* Warms the Kidneys & fortifies the yang: impotence or infertility (male or female). "Seeds treat seed!"

- Disperses cold, dispels wind, & dries dampness: vaginal discharge from damp-cold or lower back pain from wind-damp-cold (bi)

C&C: damp-heat in lower burner
- yin xu with heat signs

Dosage: up to 10g
- external use: up to 30g
She Chuang Zi
"Snake's Bed Seeds"
Cnidium Seeds
Fructus Cnidii Monnieni
Channels: KI, ST

Properties: Sweet, Spicy, Warm, Toxic

* Relieves toxicity, reduces swellings, & alleviates pain: internal or topical use for swelling of sores, ulcers, & carbuncles. Also pain & swelling in the throat

- Expels summer-heat & dampness & opens the orifices: extremely turbid summer-heat (abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, ~loss of consciousness)

C&C: pregnancy
- internal use
- keep out of eyes

Dosage: 0.015 to 0.03g internal use
Chan Su
Toad Venom, Dried Toad Skin Secretions
Secretio Bufonis
Channels: LU, ST

Properties: Sweet, Neutral, Toxic

* Relieves toxicity, expels wind, 7 alleviates pain: topical use as ointment or wash for skin rash, itching, scabies, ringworm, sores, & carbuncles. Also warm gargle for severe toothaches

- Expels wind & dries dampness: wind-damp painful obstruction or wind rash

- Recently used for treating tumors

C&C: qi or blood xu

Dosage: up to 12g in decoction
- 1.5-3g as powder
Lu Feng Fang
Hornet's Nest
Nidus Vespae
Channels: LIV, ST

Properties: Sweet, Neutral

* Brightens the eyes & removes superficial visual obstruction: red & swollen eyes, pterygium. Can be used alone as powder for red eyes (around them - not in them)

- Dries dampness & generates flesh: long-term drainage of pus from open sores. Also poor healing of wounds

C&C: no internal use

Dosage: external use as powder, finely refined by water.
Lu Gan Shi
Stove Sweet Stone
Channels: KI, LI, PER

Properties: Sour, Hot, Toxic

* Relives toxicity & prevents putrefaction: used both internally & topically for pain & swelling in the throat, open sores in the oral cavity, & white, draining, vaginal lesions (e.g. severe candidiasis)

* Clears heat & dissolves phlegm: taken internally for hot phlegm obstruction with sputum that is difficult to expectorate

C&C: caution with internal use
- long term use can lead to renal dysfunction

Dosage: 1.5-3g in powders or pills
- topical as powder or paste
Peng Sha
Sulfur Yellow
Channels: LIV, SP

Properties: Bitter, Cold, Toxic

* Unblocks the channels, disperses clumps, reduces swelling, & alleviates pain: abscesses, sores, & yin-type ulcers or swellings and pain from trauma

- Wind-Damp Bi: parasthesia, spasm

- recently used for tumors

- pregnancy
- weak patients
- toxic: prescribe for internal use with caution

Dosage: 0.3 - 0.9g per day in pills or powders for internal use.
- external application in powders including insulfation into the throat
Ma Qian Zi
Horse Money Seeds
Nux Vomica Seeds
Semen Strychnotis
Channels: LI, LIV, SI

Properties: Spicy, Cold, Toxic

- Attacks toxins & wears away sores: topical use for sores, carbuncles, & scrofula. extremely irritating to the skin, causes blistering

- Breaks up blood stasis & disperses clumps: palpable immobile masses & focal distention

C&C: pregnancy
- weak patients
- internal use in extremely minute doses
- no long-term use

Dosage: 0.03-0.06g
- dry-fried & vinegar soaked for internal use (use body only)
- topical : pastes/wine/vinegar
Ban Mao
Channels: LIV, ST

Properties: Sweet, Cold, Slightly Toxic

- Clears heat, relieves fire toxicity, & dissipates nodules: internal or topical use for excessive heat patterns (sores, ulcers, carbuncles, toxic swellings, & scrofula

* cancer/tumor herb

C&C: weak patients

Dosage: 3-9g
- topical use as paste
Shan Ci Gu
Benevolent Aunt of the Mountains
Bulb of Chinese Tulip
Pseudobulbus Shancigu
Channels: HT

Properties: Spicy, Hot, Toxic

- Expels wind & dampness & kills parasites: scabies, ringworms, itching

- Opens the orifices & expels turbidity: opens the Heart orifices. Internal use for delirium & sudden loss of consciousness from hot disorders

- Invigorates the blood & alleviates pain: topical use for injuries from falls, fractures, contusions, & sprains, & pain & swelling associated with blood stasis.

C&C: pregnancy
- qi xu
- internal use

Dosage: 0.1-0.2g internally in pills or dissolved in wine
- topical use as powder or paste
Zhang Nao