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The various anatomical landmarks for which caution is reccommended are
all of the above
In order to create mobility at the hip joint, ____ in used on the leg
you are self-employed. How often do you have to make estimated tax payments?
Diverticulitis can be defined as
Small pouches that protrude from the colon
To massage the elderly, which stroke would you use?
Gentle effleurage and petrissage
The function of lymph is to
All of the above.
To administer CPR, the victim must
Not be breating or have a pulse
Severe strain of the trapezius and deltoid muscles is called
Racquetball shoulder
The parasympathetic nervous system causes the body to
Decrease adrenaline and heart rate
The joint between the skull and the first cervical vertebrae is called the
Alantooccipital joint
Dopamine is
Both a neurotransmitter and a a hormone.
Which structure supports the body in the sitting position?
Ischial tuberosity
To get the client acclimated to your touch and to warm up the muscle, you should being bodywork sessions with
For which condition is abdominal massage MOST beneficial?
Palpatory assessment of body temperature is significant
All of the above
The main purpose of deep transverse friction is to
Separate muscle fibers
What is the origin of the teres minor?
Axillary border of scapula
An antagonist to the biceps in the
Pronator teres
A client presents with chronic low back pain. Which muscle would be weak?
Rectus Abdominis
In order to mobilize the ankle joint of the tibia and fibula
Press the heel of the hands and apply rapid alternate movement of the ankle
Which muscles are affected in frozen shoulder?
Supraspinatis, infraspinatis, teres minor, subscapularis
The primary flexor of the distal phalanges of the fingers is
Flexor digitorum profundus
Which of the following is TRUW about terminal ganglia?
They are located at the end of an autonomic motor pathway
The application of heat is contraindicated for
A typical client intake form should include
name, address, occupation, physician, emergency #
Body areas where caution should be used to avoid damaging underlying anatomical structures are called
Endangerment sites
In a patient with subdeltoid bursitis, the pain is worse if the arm is
Which term means exaggeration o the lumbar curve of the vertebral column?
A client complains of and requests massage for severe low back pain. Which condition may produce this pain and is a contraindication for massage?
Herniated Disc
The main purpose of performing post-event massage is to
Rid the Body of metabolic waste build up
Our confidentiality of your clients records is required for many reasons. The primary reason is
Professional ethics
The long tubules extending from the arachnoid and pia mater that act as one-way valves for the cerebrospinal fluid are the
Arachnoid villi
Which two muscles are involved in a lateral ankle sprain?
peroneus longus and brevis
Itching, inflammation, sensitivity, or stinging sensations are considered
Allergic reactions
The external iliac artery supplies blood to
The lower limbs
A client who has an area of inflammation because of a torn muscle would benefit from
Endangerment sites should be avoided during a massage because
They are areas that can be easily injured
The draping method that covers the entire body is called?
Top- Cover
Muscular dystrophy is characterized by degeneration and wasting of
muscle tissue
The obturator innervated the muscles in the lower body including the
All of the above
A sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle is called a
A massage therapist of bodyworker can claim business deduction on schedule C for
a and C
The stance in which both feet are placed perpendicular to the edge of the table is called the
What is the bony landmark used to locate the distal end of the ulna?
Styloid Process
Lack of oxygen to the muscle causes
A massage therpist can get professional liability insurance from
The joint that allows supination and pronation is the
Radioulnar joint
When you are massagin, expose only the
area being massaged
What is an effect of a cold application?
Decrease of local circulation
The structure located in the lumbar region that makes it an endangerment site is the
Gout is a disease that
is an inflammatory arthritis caused by uric acid around the joing
In massaging the upper extermity
All of the above
Which statement is TRUE about the Golgi Tendon apparatus?
Detects overall tension in tendon
The deepest muscle at the back of the knee is
In record keeping for tax time, it is important to
Keep track of automobile business mileage in a ledger
The pancreas is an endocrine gland that secretes____ and ____ to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
Insulin, Glucagon
injuries that have a gradual onset or reoccur often are called
Which muscle has no attachments on the scapula?
Pectoralis Major
Techniques to market professional skills include
All of the above
In massaging the body, it is important to
Expose only the part to be massaged
What nerve innervates the quadriceps?
The space between two nerve cells is called the
What muscle shares an attachment with the deltoids?
The most abundant inorganice substance in humans is
When massaging the thigh in the supine position, which is (are) invovled?
Which massage techniqe gives the BEST information about connective tissue structure in ligaments, tendona, and joints?
Alternative methods of stress reduction and relaxation techniques include
All of the above
Massage is indicated for all but the following:
Which stroke is best for breaking down adhesions?
The heimlich maneuver is performed by
All of the above
When you are turning a client and anchoring the sheet,
all of the above
A client comes in and reports that her lower back has been hurting ever since she mowed her lawn yesterday. In which section of the soap notes is this information recorded?
A pre-event sports massage is shorter with the movements performed
A client reports having epilepsy. During the massage, she has a seizure. What should you do?
Remove all objects around her so she doesn’t get hurt.
Which is the best stroke for massaging the intercostals?
Which is the first step in beginning massage treatment?
Determine contraindications
A synaptic transmission of a nerve impluse is
A one way nerve conduction from the axon to dendrite.
What type of synovial joint is the ankle?
The muscle locted in the posterior femoral region is/are the
The heights of a massage table is determined by the
practitioners arm length with palms of hands flat on table.
External rotation of the humerus will cause the palm of the hand to
The therapist may refuse to massage in part or in total a client based upon
all of the above
An appropriate hypoallergenic oil conbination is
Sunflower and canola
You should never massage someone who is under the influence of druge of alcohol because the client
All of the above
Which is TRUE of the adductor muscles along the medial femoral region of the hip?
All of the above
Which nerve branches into the tibial and common peroneal nerve?
Which muscles are major adductors?
Pectoralis and latissimus dorsi
The olecranon process is found on the
It is best to stretch a muscle on____ of the breath.
What movement is created when moving parallel to the coronal plane with the body part moving further from the midline?
Practitioners use joint movements for a variety of reasons, including
All of the above
Endangerment sites are place on the body that should be avoided because
Veins, arteries, and or nerves are superficial
What is the importanct of documenting your work and keeping files?
all of the above
First aid for acute soft tissue injuries involves RICE, which means
All of the above
To help tone weak muscles by increasing muscle spindle activity, __ is indicated.
Client files are important for
All of the above
The hamstring muscles from medial to lateral are
Semimembranosus, semitendinosus, biceps femoris
Cross fiber massage must be applied in which direction to the fibers?
Active assistive joint movement requires
client and therapist moving the extermity toether
Careful joint movement is important in cases of
all of the above
When the humerus is rotated laterally, which muscle is stretched?
Teres major
The tricuspid valve is found between the
right atrium and right ventricle
The ball and socket joint associated with the pelvis is the
To massage the hand, use
all of the above
Which is the most important element to combat infection?
A client reports have whiplast and the brachial plexus is impinged. Which muscle is likely to be involved
Pectoralis Minor
Planning single and multiple client sessions
Depends on the client history and interview
joint movements are traditionally categorized as
all of the above
The most difficult part of draping is
Turning your client over
Which muscle is closest to the sciatic nerve?
The median nerve is part of the
Brachial Plexus
the universal precautions were designed by OSHA primarily for
all of the above
Most current massage styles are based on
Swedish movements
Abnormalities in gait are found throughout the postural chain by assessing which of the following body landmarks?
All of the above
Inguinal nodes serve the purpose of draining lymph from the
Universal precautions are used when administering first aid because
all of the above
joint mobilization techniques are used to help improve
all of the above
Which nerve is affected in carpal tunnel syndrome.
A potts fracture would involve which bone?
For which type of tissue is vibration the most unsuitable?
bony prominences
A disease of the nervous system that is contraindicated for massage is
Which direction of muscle fiber is described as running parallel to the body's midline?
A. Brevis
B. Oblique
C. Rectus Abdominis
D. Serratus
C. Rectus Abdominis
Which is a type of dry heat?
A. Ice cube
B. Microwave
C. Sauna
D. Fog
C. Sauna
With the elbow flexed, which muscle supinates the palm?
A. Pronator
B. Supinator
C. Quadrator
D. Brachialis
B. Supinator
The therapist's applying an unassisted stretch to the client would be equivalent to a(an)
A. Passive static stretch
B. Ballistic stretch
C. Passive active stretch
D. Active static stretch
A. passive static stretch
Which tendons make up the Achilles tendon?
A.Gastrocnemius and soleus
B. Plantaris and semitendinosus
C. Semitendinosus and soleus
D. Biceps femoris and gastrocnemius
A. Gastrocnemius and soleus
Which of the following is a local effect of cold therapy?
A. Vasodilation
B. Increased Circulation
C. Vasoconstriction
D. Increased Local metabolism
C. Vasoconstriction
Which type of lever is characterized as having the fulcrum between the effort and the resistance? An example is the head resting on the vertebral column.
A. 1st class
B.2nd class
C. 3rd Class
D. 4th Class
A. 1st class
Which disease is caused by a change of estrogen in menopausal women?
A. Rheumatoid arthritis
B. Osteoarthritis
C. Fibromyalgia
D. Osteoporosis
D. Osteoporosis
When palpating the midline of the back, what is being touched?
A. Transverse process
B. Vertebral body
C. Spinal process
D. Articular joint
C. Spinal Process
Which of the following is an acidic pH?
A. 14
B. 12
C. 10
D. 6
D. 6
Inflammation of the walls of a vein is called
Which of the following are paired crainial bones?
Temporal and Parietal
The normal resting pulse rate range is
70-80 beats per minute
When administering first aid, your goal is to obtain all the necessary information related to the injury. You should conduct a primary survey of the situation, which includes
D. all of the above
During this pahse of pulmonary ventilation, air moves out of the lungs during normal ____.
When administering first aid, your goal is to obtain all the necessary information related to the injury. You should conduct a primary survey of the situation, which includes
all of the above
. Psoriasis, a chronic skin disease
all of the above
What is the insertion of the brachioradialis?
Styloid process of radius
The adhesions of a well-healed scar can be broken down between skin tissue by applying
Which muscle stabilizes the humerus in the glenoid fossa and abducts the humerus?
Self-awareness and self-care for a massage therapist is essential to
all of the above
A massage table should be stable, firm, and
Massage to the popliteal area requires
Gentle working of the gastrocnemius tendon heads
Which muscle plantar flexes and everts the foot?
Peroneus Longus
How should you vary massage treatment time with the age of the patient?
Shorter for very old and very young
An example of a neurotransmitter is
all of these
Important business rescources include a variety of business and civic organization such as the
All are important resources
The main venous portal system, which collects blood from the digestive organs and delivers this blood to the liver for processing is called the ____ portal system.
Which muscle abducts the scapula?
Serratus anterior/pectoralis minor
The movements at synovial joints may include flexion/extension, abduction/adduction and
In massage, it is important to
Maintain contact with the client throughout
How many pair of crainial nerves are there?
A frequently used pulse point is the
D. Carotid artery
Which of the following types of insurance provides you with income in the event that you cannot work due to illness of injury?
Disability insurance
Which of the folling is TRUE with regard to the humerus?
It’s trochlea articulates with the ulna.
Which mucles extend the femur?
Gluteus Maximus
The nerve that supplies the adductors of the thigh is the
Obturator Nerve
Which muscle is NOT part of the rotator cuff?
Teres Major
Which muscle is involved in shin splints?
Tibialis anterior and Posterior
Medial and lateral condyles can be found on the
Femur and tibia