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According to DeTocqueville, what is an association?
Association is ultimate form of an indiv which incr his strength by allying w/other people w/similar goals & incr legitimacy of their cause
What is the difference between an association in England & in America?
An association in England is seen as a rebellion or a secret society, whereas American association would be seen as engaging in democratic govt
Dred Scott
1857 slave went to live in free state and was sent back to slave state where he was forced to be a slave
brown vs. school board of topeka
separate is unequal, pertaining to schools
What does Tocqueville see as the potential danger of a political association?
Tyranny of Majority-those that are in the position of power(elected officials) ignore public interests and address only their own needs & their interests
advocate of centralized govt
According to DeTocqueville, what would motivate a person to join an association?
participate in govt(democracy), incr knowledge, put forth public sentiments, more effective in strength in numbers
Why were blacks 3/5ths of a male in the constitution?
Compromise between N & S, primarily for House of Representatives who had more representation depending on the population and used slaves to count as part of that population-enforcing their bondage
What was the paradox(contradiction) in the U.S. Constitution?
women had no right to vote, poor farmers in Shay's rebellion w/no economic equality b/c they had no say in the govt, voting required that white males 21+ w/50 acres of land to vote
What systems of beliefs were utilized in the format of the U.S.'s constitution?
Natural law, equal rights: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, disdain of aristocracy
Plessy vs. Ferguson
1896 racial segregation upheld by court, separate is equal
Fugitive Slave Law
legislat authorizing special commissioners to arrest actual or presumed fugitive slaves & return them to their owners