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attendre qqn/qqch
to wait for someone/something
chercher qqn/qqch
to look for someone/something
demander qqch
to ask for something
écouter qqn/qqch
to listen to someone/something
escalader qqch
to climb over something
espérer qqch
to hope for something
longer qqch
to walk/go along something
payer qqch
to pay for something
regarder qqn/qqch
to look at someone/something
viser qqn/qqch
to aim at someone/something
abuser de qqch
to take (unfair) advantage of something
discuter d'un sujet
to discuss a subject
échapper à qqch
to evade something
échouer à un examen
to fail an exam
jouer à un jou
to play a game
jouer d'un instrument de musique
to play a musical instrument
renoncer à qqch
to resign from something, to quit something
ressembler à qqn/qqch
to look like someone/something
téléphoner à qqn
to call/phone someone
toucher à qqch
to touch (something dangerous);to mess around with something; to try one`s hand at something