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Multiple Bar Graph-Defined
A simple extension of a regular bar graph: It has two or more sets of bars that allow comparison between two or more sets of data.
Multiple Bar graphs must include...
1. Must involve the same categories that they can be displayed on the same graph.
Multiple Line chart
Has the same basic idea as the multiple Bar Graph but shows the related date sets with lines rather than bars.
Stack Plots
Another way to show two or more related data sets simultaneously. A stack plot shows different data in a vertical stack. Each individual bar consists of several separate bars stacked on top of one another.
Three Dimensional Data
This type of data is nice looking but generally only used for cosmetic reasons.
How is a multiple bar graph constucted?
This graph is set up so that two or more data sets can be compared. All of the data sets must involve the same categories so that can be displayed on the same graph.
How is a multipe line chart constructed?
Similar to a multiple bar graph, but instead of using bars, lines are used.
How does one read and interpret a stack plot?
In the stack plot (fig. 3.22) representing immigration to the U.S., the ease of reading and interpreting the data, is shown by the date ranges on the horizontal axis with each country immigration data stacked over that particular date range. It is easy to read this wa as the data is clear.
How does one read a stacked line chart?
It is read by locating the pertinent data using the horizontal and vertical axises and looking at the coloration of the data to get the information that is needed. each data set is represented by a different color.
What are geographical data?
Data that can be assigned to different geographical locations.
Give two ways to represent geographical data.
Contour map and contour elevation Maps.
What are three dimensional graphics?
What is the difference between graphics that only appear three dimensional and those that show truly three dimensional data?