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Self-sufficient is ...

being able to do almost everything for yourself, with little or no help from other people.
When was Florida's first permanent railroad built?
Florida's first permanent railroad built in ...

- 1836 ,
- it ran from Tallahassee to Port Leon.
- Just, 22 miles.
Statehood for Florida:
Life in the New Territory Chapter 5 - Lesson 3
pg. 210 - 215
When did steamboats first appear in the Florida territory?
Steamboats first appeared in the Florida territory in ...

- 1827.
Why are there shipswrecks near Key West?
Ships wrecked near Key West because of the coral reefs that lie offshore from the city.
Where did steamboats travel?
Steamboats traveled between Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Steamboats led to more trade and helped towns grow along the rivers.
Why did Key West grow almost like a separate county?
Key West grew almost like a separate county because ...
- it had the resources from the shipwrecks and was so far from the mainland of Florida.
Who were the wreckers?
The wreckers were ...

- people who searched ship wrecks for cargo to sell.
Transportation is ...
is moving people and goods from place to place.
When did Key West become a city?
In 1828, Key West became a city. People from Florida and British settlers from the Bahamas began to move there.
What hardships did settlers in Florida face?
Settlers faced hurricanes, extreme climate and disease.
Yellow fever is a disease spread by mosquitoes.
Why did settlers in Florida need to be self-sufficient?
Settlers in Florida needed to be self-sufficient because ...

their farms were a long way from a town and from stores, so they needed to make or grow almost everything they needed.
What is a steamboat?
A steamboat is a boat powered by a steam engine that turns a large paddle wheel, which causes the boat to move.
What area of Florida grew the fastest?
Middle Florida grew the fastest. In the 1830's it had the most people, plantations, and wealth.
When did the first railroad cross the Florida territory?
The first railroad to cross the Florida territory was completed in ...

- 1861.
How were steamboats used?
Steamboats were used...
- to transport people and goods,
- up and down rivers,
in the Florida territiory.
What did steamboats allow farmers and planters in Florida to do?
Steamboats could ...
- travel upstream,
- against the river's current,
- faster than a wagon could travel the same distance on land,
- allowing farmers and planters to move their goods faster.
Were all newcomers to Florida settlers of small farms?
No, some of the settlers who came to Florida at this time were wealthy farmers who started plantations using slaves to produce cash crops.
Where is Key West?
Key West is located off the southern tip of Florida on the Straits of Florida.
cash crop
A cash crop ...

is a crop that people raise to sell to others rather that to use themselves.
What did Florida's first permanent railroad allow farmers and planters to do?
Florida's first permanent railroad allowed farmers and planter to ...
- ship their crops to nearby ports without having to ship them around the pennisula of Florida.
What was Key West known for?
Key West was known for an unusual business, shipwreck salvage.