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Who is Obi One Konobi?
Obi One Konobi is the master of Anikan skywalker.
Who is luke skywalker?
Luke Skywalker is the son of Anikan Skywalker.
Who is jango fett?
Jango fett is a bounty hunter.
Who is Watto?
watto is the slave owner of anikans mother.
Who is R2d2?
R2d2 is a robot.
Who trained Luke Skywalker?
Yoda trained Luke Skywalker.
Who is the only human that can pod race?
Anikan Skywalker is the only human able to pod race.
Who is Luke Skywalkers sister?
Princes Lea is Luke Skywalkers sister.
Who kills Quigon gin?
Darth Mal kills Quigon Gin.
Who trained Obi One Konobi?
Quigon gin trained Obi One Konobi.