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A differentiated segment of Earth space.

Formal region

Regions which display a measurable and visual homogeneity

Functional region

Regions based on structured, urban, central system of interaction with a core periphery.

Absolute location

Latitude/ longitude

Relative location

Reference to other regions


The negotiated process and product of the discourses through which humans signify their experiences to themselves and others.

Cultural landscape

The forms superimposed on the physical landscape by the activities of man.

Sequent occupants

Term to describe the view of geography as a succession of stages of human occupants

Population density

Number of people per-unit area


Maps where the size and shape of landmasses is based upon specific data. (Useful studying population dynamics)


An area of land with internationally recognized political boundaries where in resides a people with an independent political identity usually referred to as nationalism.

European state model

Any clearly and legally defined territory inhabited by a population governed from a capital city by representative government

Functional specialization

Different groups and areas specializing in different areas of the economy and production

Supranational organization

Collections of states that share a common goal. (Never equal)

Agrarian revolution

"Agricultural revolution" around 1650 to 1800 of significant institutional and technological changes in European farming


How things are related or arranged across the earths surface


The ratio of the distance between two places on the map and their actual distance


The basic spatial unit in our world regionalization scheme. Each realm is defined in terms of synthesis of its total human geography. A composite of its leading cultural, economic, historical, political, and appropriate environmental features

State versus state

Capital S is America lowercase S is its own country


Association of southeastern nations and association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation and south east Asia and who joined with the United States to fight against global terrorism

Per capita GDP

Gross domestic product GDP = total value of all goods and services produced by a country in a particular year divided by the total population

Per capita GNP

GNP = GDP + income from abroad = overseas investments

Jakota triangle

Japan South Korea and Taiwan

Shatter belt

The South East Asia realm caught between stronger colliding external cultural political forces under persistent stress and often fragmented by aggressive rivals


Unique physical characteristics


The external location attributes of an urban center; it's relative location or regional position with reference to other non-local places


Actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something worldwide in scope

Buffer state

Mongolia state wedged between two other more powerful states


The trading post where merchandise can be imported and exported without paying import duties often at a profit. Reluctant of ships to travel the entire length of a long trading route and selling to Entrepôt instead. Ex Singapore and Hong Kong

Boat people

After the Vietnam war refugees who escaped from Vietnam in small boats over 1 million died in mass exodus following the war


Surrounded entirely by land

City state

An independent political entity consisting of a single city with an immediate hinterland the ancient city states of Greece have their own modern equivalent in Singapore


General terms used to identify a large multi metropolitan complex form by the combination or coexistence of two or more major urban areas. the Kanye plain region contains 2 larges conurbations

Hong Kong

Formally a crown colony on the coast of southern China in guang dong province China

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Vietnam's largest city (8.1 mill)


Thailand 65 million. Not colonized. Highest per capita GNP

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia 23 million twin towers


"City state" %100 urban


Indonesia on Java

Pacific ring of fire

Area of crustal instability

Ho Chi Minh

Communist leader of Vietnam

Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge

Political authorities of mass genocide

Corazon Aquino

Female president of the Philippines

Chiang Kai Shek

Anti communist

Chiang Kai Shek

Anti communist

Mao Zedong

Communist emperor


Where is the majority of China's population clustered?