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When the Aztecs migrated from northern Mexico, where did they settle?
on a swampy island in Lake Texcoco
Where did the Incas live?
Andes Mountains
How were the Aztec cities ruled?
by one emperor
What was the Aztec capital?
What two things were the Aztec women allowed to do?
1)own property
2)handle business
Why did the Aztecs fight wars?
to capture prisoners to sacrifice
How did the Aztecs get more farmland?
they built chinampas
What Aztec ruler welcomed the Spanish to the Aztec capital city?
What is mitima?
It is the Inca practice of sending conquered people to live in new places.
The way that the Inca roads were built depended on what?
the environment that the road went through
Name an important city of the Incas.
The Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas was...
Francisco Pizarro
How did the Incas store information?
on knotted strings called quipus
How many different environments did the Inca Empire include?
What is the Inca language called?
A map that shows a LARGE area is called...
small scale
A human made land bridge is called a....
Whose counting system was based on 20?
Which Aztec people hid their wealth?
What do you call a human-made island built of natural materialsor "floating gardens?"
Who founded the Inca Empire?
What were the Spanish explorers of the Americas called?
This map shows great detail?
Large scale
What did the Incas call a high-protein grain that they grew?
the colored knotted strings used by the Incas for storing information were called.....
How did the Aztecs solve the problem caused by the location of Tenochtitlan?
1) They built causeways to connect the island to the mainland.
2)They built houses on poles.
3)They traded with others for wood and stone for building.
4)They built champas for more farmland
How did the Incas make newly conquered people part of the empire?
1) gave gifts of cloth and food
2) allowed former chiefs to help govern
3)taught people Inca ways 4) the Inca language became the official language
5)let them worship their own gods but said the Inca gods more powerful