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what is it called when a soldier that is paied to fight for another country_____________
advantages of the continental army
they knew the land, defending their homes
disavantages of the continental army
not well trained, gtting men to serve was difficult, no food no pay uniform or weopons
what was washingtons first job
geogre washington got married to_______________
martha custis
what did martha washington do to support the patriots
sowed socks,and cooked soup,
how did she help washington
with paper work
mary ludwing did what in the war and what was her nickname
she carried water for them and she was called molly pitcher
who took over the cannon when her husband passed
magret corbin
where was washington successful at
battle of trenton
how was he successful at that battle
he suprised attacked them on the evening of christmas
in 1777 the continental army received help from the _______
both groups signed the _____________________
french and the treaty of alliance
haym salomon helped the patriots by
spying on the british
how did friedrich von steuben help washington
training the continental army
at saratoga the americans were able to prove they could
defeat the british
benedict arnold is know as a traitor because
he planned to tell the britsh the continental armys planns
the second treaty of fort stanwix forced the iroquois to turn over their land in the
ohio river valley
the treaty of paris was signed when the
revolution war was over
when many loyalist moved to canada they could have their
own bussinesses