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Two important rivers on the continent of Europe are
the Volga and the Rhine
____ has a higher population density than most of the world.
Northern and Alpine Europe are able to develop _________ due to their rivers that flow down the mountains
hydroelectric power
Brings warm winds and water.
North Atlantic Current
In Southern Europe, the climate is described as
More than half of Europe is covered by a landform region called the
North European Plain
How do Russia's harsh climate, size, and few navigable rivers affect its economic development?
Russia's natural resources are difficult to use.
New patches of land created in the Netherlands
The North Altantic Current affects northwestern Europe by
bringing warm water and winds
Western Europe's peninsulas and bays have enables the countries there to become leaders
the shipping industry
How do Eastern Europe's resources compare to those of Western Europe
The resources of the tow regions are similiar
______ poplulation density is lower than most of the rest of the world.
Many are not navigable in the winter due to ice; this makes use of their natural reasources difficult
Rivers of Russia
What separated Europe and Asia?
the Ural Mountains
What is the climate west of the mountains?
heavy rainfall
The people of the Netherlands created new patcehs of land called