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When riding a bike, scooter, skateboard or roller skates/blades we always wear this to protect our brain.
I can tell spring is here because the trees are starting to get new what?
Buds, leaves, and branches.
We celebrate this holiday with eggs, but it is really about Jesus.
When we get thirsty from playing hard, our body tells us we need: _ _ _ _ _.
This bird has a red breast and lays blue eggs in the spring.
Red-breasted Robin
Winter weather is cold. Spring means the weather will be _ _ _ _ _ _.
We wear this on our skin to protect it from damage when we play outside.
Sun screen
This type of weather makes "May flowers."
April Showers
We try to catch one of these so we can have his gold hidden at the end of the rainbow.
You have been playing outside and your shoes are wet and muddy. What should you do before you go walk through the house?
Take off shoes and put on slippers.
Daylight Savings time means we change the time on our clocks one hour ahead. Why do we do this?
To have more waking daylight.
If our ball rolls out into the street when we are playing. We need to....
let it roll and ask an adult for help.