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National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)
-authorizes a majority of employees in a unit to elect a representative (union) to negotiate with an employer on behalf of the employees
Collective Bargaining Agreement
-process by which union representatives negotiate employment conditions for the entire bargaining unit
Good Faith
-sincere effort to reach an agreement is made
-exists when the parties have exhausted the possibility of reaching an agreement and further negotiations are pointless
Agency Shop
-requires all players to pay union dues or provide an equivalent service fee
Right to Work Laws
-prohibits unions from forcing employees to pay dues a prerequisite of employement
Non-statutory Exemption
-allows the terms of the CBA to be exempt from antitrust
Standard Representation Contract
-contract form that an agent must use in connection with his representation of the player
-ex. agent's fee cannot exceed 3%
Standard Player Contract
-spares the team and the player or his agent from having to negotiate a number of terms that are applicable to all players in CBA