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What is sport and exercise psychology?

Specify what the difference between sports psychologist and exercise psychologists.

Scientific study of behaviour of people engaged in sport and exercise activities and application of that knowledge

Sports Psychologists: More focused on how psychological factors affect one's performance

Exercise Psychologists: More focused on how participation in physical activity affects one psychologically

What are the strengths and limitations of Scientifically derived knowledge in sports psychology

Strengths: Reliable, controlled and systematic, objective and unbiased

Limitations: Slow to evolve, lack of focus on practical implications

What are the strengths and limitations of Professional Practice knowledge in sports psychology

Strengths: Innovative and immediate

Limitations: Less reliable and potentially bias and lack of explanantions

Describe personality using 3 main points

Behaviour affected


Unique, differs from one to another

What makes up personality?

Psychological Core: Internal and constant

Typical Responses: Can be altered with persistence

Role Related Behaviour: Influenced by external factors around you