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Five things that determine who we are






A. genetics

B. self-image

C. experiences in life

D. attitudes and choices about those experiences

E. friends

We need to examine ourselves because....




1. Deception is in the world

2. We change

3. God will examine us

Anger types





A. Hornet- hot head, lacks self-control

B. Squirrel- lack of forgiveness

C. Tiger- lack of strength to deal with Negative

D. Cobra- result in jealousy to become angry

Prophets represented God to the People

Prophets are called to communicate Gods perspective

Underlying conflict assumptions






A. conflict is inevitable

B. it is essential that we resolve conflict

C. we must be humble if we are going to make peace

D. we must be wise if we are going to make peace

E. sometimes we wind up on the cross. Jesus, did.

Does the conflict reveal that you are ________ "_______" ____ _____ ______
Actually "boss" in your life
Does the conflict reveal that you have ____ ______ ___ _______
An attitude of pride
Does the conflict reveal that you have ____ _______ _____ _____ ____, ___ _______ _______ __ ______ _____
Made something other than God, the primary delight in your life
Is the conflict a ______ or ______ ________ ___ _______ _______

direct or indirect result of moral impurity

Does the conflict _______ _______ ______ ______ ______ _______ _________ ___ _____ _______

Reveal that you have neglected past warnings of the spirit.
Does the conflict ______ _______ ____ ____ _________ _____ _____ ____ ________ ________

Indicate that there are more people involved than you first realized

Is the conflict ______ _________ ____ ___ _____ ____ _______ ____ ______ ______ _____

More complicated than it should be because you have been disloyal
Does the conflict _____ ____ _____ __ __ _____ ______

Reveal the lack of a servants spirit

Is God using this conflict as __ ______ ____ ______ _____ ___ _____ ______

A pressure to lead you to greater Godliness

Does the conflict _______ ___ _______ ______

Reveal a bitter spirit

If we are going to live for the Lord, then we need to _________ how He does things. For the Israelites, living for God was frustrating because they did not understand how God _________.

Understand, worked

God's development of Patience in us.





1. The dream

2. Death

3. Desert

4. Divine fulfillment

My mentalities, my pictures, my __________ from the biggest ________ to my success.

Expeditions, obstacles
People who don't ________ in themselves will never ________, and they will also keep those around from ____________.

believe, succeed, succeeding

A common cause of bad timing in relationships is ________ __________.

Selfish motives
Benjamin Franklin believed, " As we must _________ for every idle ________, so we must account for every _____ ________.

Account, word, idle silence

Strangers are what __________ are made of (Cullen Hightower)


Instead of putting _______ in their place, we must put _________ in ________ place.

Others, ourselves in their

How we use the options _________ brings, reveals our __________.

Success, character

Remember that a person's _________ is to him or her the ________ and most ____________ sound.
Name, sweetest, important

Conflict is ____________; confrontation is _________

Unavoidable, difficult

Never let the ________ mean more than the _____________

Situation, relationship

The "art of getting along" depends about _____ percent on (our) own behavior towards _______.

98%, others
"In the end, we will _________ not the words of our _________, but the _________ of our friends." (MLK)

Remember, enemies, silence
"In necessary thing, ____. In doubtful, ______. In all things, _______." (Richard Baxter)

Unity, liberty, charity