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Which section of the vertebral column is capable of the most movement?
The thorax is comprised of which two structures?
Sternum and Rib cage
The visible row of bumps running down the center of the back are the
Spinous Process
Which two cervical vertebrae have spinous processes that protrude further posteriorly and are more distinct than the other cervical vertebrae?
C-2 and C-7
Which band of connective tissue lies superficial to the cervical spinous processes?
Ligamentum Nuchae
Many of the cervical transverse processes are deep to which neck muscle?
The lamina groove is located between which two bony landmarks of the vertebrae?
Spinous and Transverse Process
The most medial branch of the Erector Spinalis group is the?
The most lateral branch of the Erector Spinalis group is the?
In the lumbar region, the erectors lie deep to what connective tissue structure?
Thoracolumbar Aponeurosis
As a group, the transversospinalis muscles can be easily located along the
of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae?
Lamina groove
Rotating the head to the left demands the contraction of which splenius capitis - the left or right?
The splenius capitis is a deep muscle except on the lateral side of the neck where it is superficial between which two muscles?
Trapezius and SCM
What two bony landmarks and one region can be helpful to isolate the location of the suboccipitals?
Spinous process of C-2
Space between superior nuchal line
Occiput and C-2
Which three bony landmarks can help you to isolate the borders of the quadratus lumborum?
12th rib
Posterior iliac crest
Transverse process of lumbar vertebrae
TRUE or FALSE: Rotating your trunk to the right would engage your left internal oblique muscle?
What is the primary muscle of respiration?
When the diaphragm muscle fibers contract, what connective tissue structure is pulled inferiorly?
the central tendon
Top of the iliac crest?
Base of the neck?
Superior angle of the scapula?
Twelfth rib?
Inferior angle of the scapula?