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The muscle group nearest the vertebral column is the
Which of the following is a spinal extensor?
iliocostalis lumborum
Injury to what region of the vertebral column is usually most threatening?
The dens is a part of the
The lumbar curvature of the spine serves mainly
shifting the weight of the trunk to the hips and lower extremities
Which of the following vertebral column levels has the thickest intervertebral disc?
none (lumbar)
Which of the following structures can most easily be felt on the dorsum?
spinous process
Which of the following can be found on cervical vertebrae only?
multiple foramina
Which of the following vertebral curvatures is convex anteriorly?
cervical and lumbar
The vertebral arches surround and protect the
spinal cord
The vertebral arch encloses
the vertebral foramen
osteoporosis can cause which of the following abnormal curvatures of the back?
The major function of the intervertebral foramina is
providing a passageway for nerves
The lumbar and cervical curves of the vertebral column are called
secondary curves
The part of the vertebra that transfers weight along the long axis of the vertebral column is (are) the
vertebral body
What event causes the cervical curve to begin development?
an infant begins to lift his or her head
Surgery of the spinal cord most often involves cutting of the
Medially, at the junction of the neck and the upper back, the ___ forms a bony projection
vertebra prominens (C7)
Motor fibers travel in the ___ of the spinal cord
descending tract
A needle used in a spinal tap must be inserted until its tip is in the
subarachnoid space