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who founded assertive discipline?
lee canter
according to cnater, what type of atmopshere should be created and how far should it span?
one wehre teachers and students can learn, it should be school and district wide
what type of approach does canter thing should be done to manage student behavior
list 5 qualities of effective teachers according to canter
have a plan
insist on backicn from parents and administractors
be leader
get their nees met
what did canter's theory make popular?
students and teacher's right to a safe and calm environemnt
how did canter feel abotu students and limits?
thought they wanted limits and rules to help them feel secure
according to canter, the most effect teachers remain in control of their class, but:
understand that their primary responsiblity is instruction
according to canter, a good plan is built upon:
according to canter, what do negative consequences and penatlites do?
violate rights
does canter belive in consequences and rewards?
teachers must _____ & ______ desired behavior
what are the three ways teachers communicate with students according to canter?
non assertive
list some qualitites of assertive teachers
calm but firm
positive recognition
stick to discipline plan
talk and a calm, non confronting manor
what are some qualitites of non-assertive teachers
they don't communicate their expectations
dont' have a plan to stick to
kids now how to push their buttons
beg and plead with students
what are some characterisitics of hostile teachers?
react emotionally to student behavior
take behavior personally
yell at students
violate students best interests
what are three parts of canter's plan?
positive consqeuences: rewards
consequences for student behavior
what are some characterisitics about canter's rules?
must be age appropriate
no more than 4 or 5
ask for student input
what are some characterisitics about canter's rewards
they must be effective to your students
what are some characterisitics about canter's consquences?
3 strikes you're out
where does canter's appraoch work the best?
not in center based programs
not with ADHD or ODD students: need more humanisitic appraoch
what is a cristicism of canter's assertive discipline?
it doesn't place responsiblit on the student
what must you do to introduce canter's assertive discipline plan?
teach it
how can you expose parents to canter's assertive discipline plan?
sned letters home
encourage parental invovlemnt
how can you expose students to canter's assertive discipline plan?
according to canter, how do you deal with difficult behaviors?
develop individualized plan for students
what should individualized plans for canter incldue?
isolate most critical behavior
form consequences
how many behaviors should individualized plans for canter contain?
no more than 2
what is a good consqeucnes for canter's individualized bahavior plan?
behavior journal:
letter signed by parents
what do you do if your individualized canter behavior plan is ineffective?
invite parent to class
record behavior on audio or video
sned student to anopther class
how do you handle parents with individualized behavior plans (canter)
keep record
have a plan/script
keep a call log on file
give positive feedback too
how do you handle assertive conforntation(canter)?
stay calm
have a plan
do it when no other students are present
be firm
list 7 pro's of canter's plan
clear limits
+ feedback
helps ID interactive styles
preventative strategies
parent model
offers good forms for documentation
list 4 cons of canter's plan
doesn't promote responsiblity
not reality based
unrealisitic for older stduetns
why does canter's plan not promote responsibility?
it only creates a desire for rewards
why is canter's plan not reality based?
in real life there are not always warnings
who is the greatest behavior psychologist of all times?
BF skinner
did skinner ever set forth to create a classroom behavior model?
according to skinner _____ shapes and molde behavior
according to skinner, we are all born with a
blank slate
did skinner belive in emotion?
what is the problem with skinner's S-R theory?
it was generalized from animals
what is behavior shaping?
when behviaor is influenced when reinforcing stimuli are received immedicately after and organzism performation and action
according to skinner, reinforcing stimlui can be used to:
form or shape a desired reaction
what is an operant behavior
an act or gorup of acts performed by a person that's overt, and not a reponse. It's the behavior that can be changed
according to skinner, a behavior can be extinguished by:
providing no reincofcement at all
what is a reinforcing stimulus?
anything that happens after the child performs and operant that increase the linklhood they will repeat the operant
is an operant behavior involulntary or voluntary?
voluntary, it is not a response, reaction or reflex
list some examples of reinforcing stimuli
peer approval
free time
what is reinforcement?
the process of supplying reinfocring stimuli to individuals after they have performed a particular behavior
what is positive reinforcment?
it is the name for th eprocess of supplying a stimulis that reinforces a behavior
what is negative reinforment?
the process of removing somethign follinwg an operant, the absence of whaterver was removed then reinforces behavior.
give an example of negative reinforcement.
not having to write the final paper due to high test grade
what is a schedule of reinforcement?
they describe when and how often reinforment is provided when someone attemptes to shape an individual's behavior
what is constant reinformcnet?
it's when reinforment is provied every tiem a deisred act is seen
what is successive approximation?
a behairo shaping progression in which actions come closer and close to a preset goal.
what is extinction?
the disaperance of a particular behavior
why is punishment not used in behavior modificuation?
it creates fear, dislike and desire for revenge.
lear faster without these feelings
what are social reinforcers?
words behaviors and facial expressions of reinforcement
what are graphic reinforcers?
numerals, check marks, stickers on cards
what are activity reinforcers?
special jobs, games, privilages
what are tangible reinfocers?
rewards, food, pencils, stickers
what are the 5 systems of skinner's behavior modification?
catch 'em being good
rules ignore praise
rules reward punshiment
token economies
behavior contract
what is catch 'em being good
praise students for doing right
when is catch 'em being good effective?
primary grade (up to 4th grade)
older students respond well to indiviudal praise
what is rules ignore praise?
teahcer will ignore those who break the rules.
what age level is rules ignore praise effective?
elementary level
what is rules reward punshiment?
like RIP, but the misbhavior will bring known consequsnes.
when is rules reward punshiment effective?
all grade levels
why is rules reward punshiment effective?
studnets recognize they have the power to chose good or bad consequnces through their behavior
what are behavior contracts?
used with difficult students
create behavior guidleinges and completion deadlines
what is the first part of the ABC form (4 steps)
identify behavir
define behavior (what does it look like)
why are you targting behavior
observe the learner and note behavior
what is the second part of the ABC form (4 steps)
clarfiy behavior defintion
idetify patters in antecedents/consequences
ID functions of behavior
identify ways to change the behavior (change antecdent conditions and or consequnces)
what does ABC stand for?
what is an antecednet?
the settings, conditoins, activity
what is described in the C of Abc
consqeucnes: what happens after behavior occurs
what is the first step in a Functional Behavior Assessment?
describe behavior
what 7 things should be notes abotu the child's behavior
after the behavior is described in the FBA, what comes next?
additional data is collected
what six things are options for collecting data in a FBA?
self monitored
task analysis
Portfolio Review
Systematic Manipulations
what are three types of observations when additional data is collected for an FBA?
running record
time sampling
event sampling
once additional data is collected for a FBA, what is doen next?
a hypothesis is developed
what 6 things are considered when developing a hypotheisis for an FBA?
curricular/instructional varriables
communcitive inent
after the hypothesisis is develoepd for a FBA, what is the last step?
an intervention is designed
what 7 things are considered for the intervention design in a FBA?
pharmacoligcal referal
addiational data needed
what is the difference between a FBA and a manifestaion?
a FBA is overall placement, when a manifestation focuses on one incient and if it's related to their disbaility.
when is a FBA written
if a sped student shows behaviors that are dangerous or disurpt the learnign process
what is the first step in writting a FBA
conduct a review meetind to discuss the background of the student, the studnet's behavior and their file and student history
what are the two types of funcation assessment?
indirect and direct
what are the components of an indirect assemsnt?
teacher, parent student interviews, review of student fiels
what are the components of a direct assessment?
data collects
rating scales and inventories
what do you do if a BIP is not needed?
dismiss the teacm
what do you do if a BIP is needed?
create one based on the FBA
if a BIP is needed, where do you begin?
meet with team parents ands tudnet to discuss their roles in the paln
what is the final step in the BIP?
implement plan
can the BIP be modified?
yes, modificiatons are made as required
what did edward demming study?
statistical quality control
who was the father of japanese managment?
edward demming
what did edward demming come up with?
14 management principles
who did glasser borrow ideas from?
edward demming
who does demmings theories work well with?
EI, ADD and OCD students
according to glasser, all of our behavior is our best attempt to:
meet our five basic needs
according to glasser, why do we behave the way we do?
becuse one of our needs is not being met
according to glasser, should todays' students create quality or quanityt conditions?
according to glasser, should teachers scold?
accordnig to glasser, what are our basic needs?
belinging, power, fun freedom, pofoundity
what 2 things are glasser known for?
cooperative learning
outcome based education
what is outcome based education?
much liek transition. spot a goal and plan backwards from it
how does skinner view punishment?
it isn't used in behavior modivication. studnet will work better when rewarded for duing right
in skinner's model, what is used instead of punshiemtn?
logical conseuqnces
list 8 reasons for misbehavior
attention seeking
as you go down the list of reasons for misbehavior, what happens?
the behavior becoamse mroe difficult to deal with (pleasure/phobia)
what is the prupose of a FBA?
it should ID the reinforcing conseuqnces of the targeted behavior and ID what causes it
what is the first component of the FBA and it's two types
when recording data for ABC of FBA, how long sohuld data be kept?
at least a week