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what is MI access?
an alternative to the MEAP
what test is currently being used for MI access?
the brigance COmprehensive inventory of basic skills
why was the brigance COmprehensive inventory of basic skills selected for MI access?
becuase they have been altered to for MI use until the alternatve phase 2 test is created
a wechsler subtest asks student to ID fi a target symbol appears in several search groups. teh studnet has 2 mins to see how many they can ID. this would be a meauser of:
processing speed
which is most celsely related to cultural experience?
crystallized ability
what is not a principle of developmetnal assessmnt?
all children follow a predicitable sequence as tehy develop
teh beery-VMI test requires what abilityes?
find motor, visula perception, visual motor integration
what doest eh PPVT measure?
receptive lanuage
when the child goes from saying momming coming to mommy is coming home and will play is an exampole of what?
what is the first developmental test most americans undergo?
what are indrect methods of behaviora assessment?
self report, interview and connor's scale
how do the methods of the assessment of adaptive behavior differ from those in the assessment of intelligence?
iq tests mesaure how they perforemd at the specific time, while adaptive behavior tets how they typeicall perform and answers may vary depending on the test adminstrator
what is self esteem?
the personal evaluation of ones self
what is self conecpt
deals with the vinidiual's beliefs and values
why is adpative behviaro assessed?
to detmerine eligibniilyt and placement
what are the three requirements for CI
acaemic performance, adpative behavior and intelligence and iq
what is examined for functional intelligence?
adaptive behavior and IQ
how is crystallized inteliignce measured?
inductive reasoning
what is assessment?
using data from measurement and testing to make decitions
what is testing?
getting the data to assess
what is screening?
it's done to determine the presence of a specific behavior or problem
what is assessment?
the decision made based ont he testing done
what is a norm refrerenced test?
comare individuals to a norm
what is a CRT
critera referenced tests are based on curriciulm
what's a devempmental score?
based on the sequence of developmental activities
what is a standard's refreesent test?
what is the dtandard deviation?
it's used to show the results in comparioun to the average, shows the level of variance btween the results of test scores
what is the purpose of the median score?
it exluced the high or low socres
what is the standard error of measurement?
it is the % found that determins the accuracy of variability that owuld exist if the test was retaken
what is the test reliabliity?
if the test was taking again the child would get the same score
how are vailitdy and reliability related to fairnes?
a test must be both vaild an dreliable in order to be fair. if a test is both, it does not have to be fair
how has reification affected our understanding of binet's originoal concept of intelligence?
we tried to turn it into a tangible thing, before it was used to determine if they needed help, not their IQ
why are age and grade equivalency scores not developmental scores?
they show the grade level at which 50% of studnets scored at that level, it doesn't mean they need to be taught at that grade level.
what are the six levels of bloom's taxonomy?
what is the most widespread area of acedemic disoreders? least?
define reading
the self directed process of extracting the meaning from written or printed symbos
what are the two areas of readin ghta tare assessed?
what are the2 areas of reading mechanics?
what are the 5 areas of comprehension assessment?
facual organizaional, inferenatial, evaluatoin, analysis
what is the cloze proceudre
leaving blanks in senetences and having studnets finll in the blank
what are 4 types of math difficulties?
when decipering error patters what two basic questions should be asked?
waht question is the student answering
what operations is the child acutally performing
what two roles does smith place the writer in?
author and secretary
what are some characterisitcs of poor writers?
transcription (spelling, handwriting, punctioation)
impwerverished language developemtn
limitations on working memory
what basic skills do poor writers lack?
splling, handwriting, working memory, fluency
how do CBA and CBM differ?
Curriculum-based measurement (CBM) is used to describe a form of alternative assessment usually associated with special education
what's the difference between carreer and vocational assessment?
career is broader and voacationl is more sepcific
what is the brigance essenal skills test used for?
it's the red book used for high school transtiion
what is the holland theory?
people are most satisfied and successful when their careers match their personalitites
what are the4 stages of career education?
at what age are transtioin services required?
what are three things inclued in career assessment?
oscial behaviors, funactional acadmics, daily living skills
what is an iri?
informal reading inventory allows teachers a better understanding of the child's reading abilites
what is a CBA of written expression
doen in class, specific areas are exampined