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What knowledge does the sender require in a proper communication model?
the use of code
what knoweldge does the receiver need in the communication model?
the unerstanding of the code
What is senf from the sender to the receiver in the communication model?
A message or shared code
Speech is:
an oral expression of language
mechanical system
what is articulation?
making a sound associated with a langauge: how it's made (the position of the articulatiors)
this is needed to produce speech
What is fluencey?
the ability to make words come out smoothly
what are some fluency problems>
the presences of stuttering or fillers
what is lanugage?
the rule govererned process for communication
langauge is linked to:
what is phonology?
the study of the sound system of language
articulation vs. phonology
articulation: how you say it (speech)
phonology( what it means (language)
what is a phoneme?
the indiviudal sounds that have a meaning or signal a meaning in language
give some examples of phonemes
ch, sh, t, r
how many phonemems are in the english language
45 or 46
what does IPA stand for?
the international phonetic alphabet
what is morphology?
it is the set of rules needed when forming words
what is a morpheme?
the smalles untis that have meaning
what are some exampels of stand alone morphemes?
i, a
what are some examples of bound morphemes?
s, ing, ed
What is MLU stand for? WHat is it?
Mean LEngth of Untterance. COunt the number of morphemes used in a child's phrase to determine their language delveopment
what is syntax?
the rules we use to combine words to make sentences
what are some examples of syntax rules?
subject and verb
adjective followed by noun
tense agreemetn
What is semantics?
the study of meaning of language
what does context do for semantics?
it gives information abotu the meaning of words and sentetneces
What is pragmatics?
it is the social use of language or the rules for using language in social contexts
What is it called when you take turns in a coverstaiong?
give and take
what is it called when you move from one topic of coversation to another?
topic maintenance
what age is the perlocutionary stage?
0 -8 mos
whatare are some examples of unintental communcation during the perluctionary state?
crying (reflextive
what does crying out become during the end of the perlocutionary state?
what ages is the illucutionary stage?
8-12 mos
during the illocutionary stagee what do babies do?
poin, reach, bable, jargon
what age is the locutioary stage?
12 mos and up
what age is the one unit approach?
2.5 - 3
what are phonlogical processes?
rule patters kid's apply to language but they're wrong
what are two examples of phonoligcal processess?
final consant deletion
consonant cluster reducation
what's an overextension?
when child sees similar features in one object and thinks all objects with those features are the same
only one in that category (binky)
what is semantics like in 12-18 mos?
simple, straightforward. one word. no can mean many things
what is pragmatics like in 12 -18 mos
labels things, request, commands, trys turn taking
during the two word stage, what happes to MLU?
it increases as the amount of phonesms increases
what's motherese or parentese?
when mom's talk differntly to developing children
what are pragmatics like for those in the two word phase?
time concepts, polite, take turns, verbal mazes
the ablity to think abotu own language
What can SLI stand for?
specific language impairment
what is a sli?
when there's nothing else identified wrong with the preschooler/toddler but their speech problem
how is a sli identified?
through the compariston of their mental/chronoligcal age to their langauge age
what are some typical characteristics of SLI kids?
low ses
low birth weight
chronic ear infections
history of SLI
late in birth order
what percentage of sli preschoolers have pholoicical problems?
What do phological problems impact?
What are some syntax characteristics of SLI toddlers and kids?
short utterances
confusion of tenses
slow with gramatical morphemes
what are some pragmatic issues with SLI toddlers and kids?
less responsive
less social (more with adults, less with kids)
what are some sytnax issues with SLI adolescents?
less likely to use complext forms
confused by complex srtucture
subject/verb issues
morpheme errors/confusion
what are some semantic erros in SLI adolescents?
problems with figurative language
multiple meaning
word finding difficulty
use of non specifics
what are some pragmatic erros with SLI adolescents?
social issues
tone of voice
not good non verbal skills
what are some SLI phonological issues in LD adolescents?
pholocgial awareness: in reading, sound/sybol relationships
what are some syntax errors in SLI LD adolescents?
slower in coplex forms
negation issues
MLU lower
passive voice
what are some pragmatic errors in SLI LD adolescents?
poor judgement
don't plan peech
what are some metalinguistic errors in SLI LD adolescents?
hard time identifiying own mistakes
what problems do ci kids have with articulation?
mechanical difficulties
what mechanical difficulties do ci kids have?
tongue too large, low muscle tone
what phonolgy problems do ci kids have?
low intelgibility
phonological issues often persist into adulthood
final consontant deletion
hard to fix
what syntax issues do ci kids have?
rambling run ons
limited vocab
question form problems
left branchining sentences
What semantic issues do CI kids have?
must experience to understand
hard time describing
can use concrete words
issues with feelings
what pragmatic issues do CI kids have?
socially appropriate
personal space
what is the most important issue to work with ci kids?
what do LD kids have with matalinguistics?
they have a hard time id'ing their own mistakes
what issues do SLI kids have with pragmatics?
social issues
bad choices
tone of voice
problems with non-verbal skills
when are CI kids SI's Id'd?
during the developmental period
During the one unit approach,what are two phonogical processes kids often apply?
final consonant deletion
consonant cluster reduction
If a child hasn't mastered all phonological sounds by what age should you be concernded?
During the two word stage, what happens to intelligibility?
it increases
Will SLI toddlers grow out of thier delay?
no, if they're truley SLI the gap will remain
what are SLI toddlers semantics like?
late talkers
slow growing vocab
word finding problems
difficulty understanding
what are some characteristics of normal adolescent speech?
it's a large part of their social life
may cause success languages
they start to picu up on the subtilties of language