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what two areas do kids with autism typically have problems in?
socialization and communication
when autistic kids don't talk, or only talk sometimes, what are they refered to as?
electively or selectvily mute
when autistic kids mimic what others say:
when autistic kids repeat a specific phrase over and over:
about ____% of autistic kids don't ever develope functional speech
what is unique about autistic kid's lanuage development matter:
not as predictable, doesn't follow sequence
what issues do autistic kids have with phonology, how do they sound?
robotic, stress difference syllables
what issues do autistic kids have with syntax?
morpheme development (different aquisition order)
less complex forms
what issues do autistic kids have with their inotnation in pragmatics?
their intoation may confuse request, qustion, denial...
what issues do autistic kids have with social niceities in pragmatics?
they don't understand the value of being polite
what issues do autistic kids have with perspective in pragmatics?
they dont' take interest in your topic
what issues do autistic kids have with echolialia in pragmatics?
it is like turn taking
what difficulites do autitistic children face with semantics and word choice
abstract word issues
single repesentations
what issues do autistic kids have with semantics and word use?
neologisms (invented words)
idiosyncratic words (real words used wrong)
what does communication success depend on for autistic kids?
who they communicate with, more successful with liked adults then children
what does PECS stand for? what's it used for?
Picture exchange communcation system

it promotes interaction
what are the two terms for deafness according to when hearing is lost?
pre/post lungually impaired
HI & articulation
phonemes they can't hear, or arent visible
HI and Phonolgical issues
final consontnat deletion
persisti in phonolgical processes longer
HI & syntax
cut off word endings
use the simplest form
sign language may mix up syntax
semantics & HI
problems with concepts associatied with sound
limited vocab
problems with figurative/abstract language
pragmatics & HI
same as other kids
what age do HI kids stop babbling?
4 mos.
what are the two theories of HI education?
maunal & oral aural
what are three methods of amplification for HI Kids
if a kid in your class has a hear aid, what are 3 things you should do?
know how to turn on/off
check if working
change batteries
what is an alternative method of communcatino for non verbal AI kids
sign language
what are the two things hearing loss depends on
time of loss, degree of loss
what does deaf indicate? Deaf?
deaf: degree of hearing loss
Deaf: community
what kids are most likely to get TBI>
teenage boys, EI/LD
what is the contra coupe effect?
injury to the brain in pair sections
what three areas are affected in TBI?
attention, sensory and orintation
what things are included under the area of attentinog?
time and intesntity
what is included in sensory issues with TBI kids?
visual field engelct and agnosia
what is agnosia?
the inability to recognize something
what areas are affected in orientation for TBI kids?
time, person and place
what are the five steps in problem solving?
1. recognize problm
2. consider solutions
3. ID best solution
4. Implempent solution
5. Reflect
what is divergent reasoning?
a list of things coming out of one category
what is convergent reasoning?
a list of cthings put into one category
what pobrlems do TBI kids have with abstraction?
if it's never happend to them they don't understand
what memory is effected in TBI kids?
short term, must teach over and over
TBI and semantics
multiple word meaning
new conecpts
TBI and pragmatics
similar to EI kids
bad judement
wrong person, wrong thing, wrong time/place
poor non verbal skills
what and who is needed for interevention?
speech pathologist and at lease on standardized test
who created the ECO program?
james MAcDonald
what are the five target areas of behavior in the ECO program?
respond senseivitly
emotional attachement
what must be considred with the target area of balance
contact, communicate, wait for a response, respond
what must be considred with the target area of matching
be child like
what must be considred with the target area of responding senseivlity?
interst, pace, changes, langauge, emotions
what must be considred with the target area of nondirectiveness
let child take the lead
what must be considred with the target area of emotional attachemtn
enjoy and be playful