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The Apects of Body Language Are,
1. Posture
2. Interest and Respect
3. Closed or Open
4. Movement
Jargon is
Language understood by specific group or felid of study.
Slang is
recently couined words or old words used in new ways.
Standard American English
Follows rules & guidelines established in grammer books.
Most widely accepted.
Denotation and Connotation
Denotation-Dictionary meaning for a word.
Connotation- hidden or implied meaning of a word.
The Communication Process
A.Sending & recieving messages
B. Effective Communicating
1. Care about sucess
2.Know Topic
3. Be organized
4.use good non-verbal language
5.Use language well
6. Listen
Verbal and Nonverbal language
Message-emotions and ideas.
50%-90% non verbal messages
Verbal language is spoken and written words.
Nonverbal is communication without words
Verbal Language
Language is,a system,symbolic,
Words come from other language.Words put together for new meanings.New words needed for new objects/ideas.
Meanings of words change.
Dialect is
regional or cultural use of language.
Non-Verbal messages serve these fou functions
1To complement verbal messages
2To emphasize verbal messages
3To replace verbal messages
4To contradict verbal messages