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(adj.) -false, incorrect, misleading

Emily offered me a cigarette on the -fallacious- assumption that I smoked.

(adj.) - demanding, meticulous, having high standards almost unattaiable standards.

Some bacteria have such -fastidious- needs that they cannot be grown in the laboratory using routine methods.

(adj.) -silly or foolish

He considers himself a serious poet, but in truth, he only writes rather -fatuous- limericks.


[(n.) = fecundity]
(adj.) -fruitful, fertile, able to produce offspring; highly productive

He writes screenplays with such -fecundity- that he'll never starve.

(fear'-ul; fer'-ul)
(adj.) -wild/savage; returned to an untamed state

Susan's backyard was full of -feral- cats and their equally wild kittens.

(adj.) - having a foul odor

The refugees had to negotiate their way through the -fetid- battlefield full of bloated corpses.

(adj.) - very ornate, flowery

(The writer's -florid- prose belongs on a Hallmark card.

(adj.) - inclined to make trouble; irritable

The belligerent inmate's -fractious- demeanor put all of the guards on alert,in expectation of another riot.

(adj.) - drawn to other's company; sociable

You are not a -gregarious- person, so why do you want to go to a singles party?

(adj.) unoriginal; very familiar through overuse; trite

His story was unsuccessful because it was just a collection of -hackneyed- subplots that everyone could easily see through.

(n.) a domination over others

The old Soviet Union held such a long political -hegemony- over the Baltic countries that these ancient states had difficulty adjusting to their new independence.

(adj.) humiliating, disgracing

I had the -ignominious- honor of being kicked out of the dorm for having an illegal and dangerous gas stove in my room.

(adj.) emotionless,expressionless,still

He was such a stoic ---impassive- to every event that stirs emotions in normal people.

(adj.) - commanding, domineering

His -imperious- manner led everyone to dislike him immediately.

(adj.) - rude, insolent; improperly forward or bold

Most of your comments are so -impertinent- that I do not wish to dignify them with an answer.

(adj.) - impenetrable, impossible to affect

Because of their thick layer of fur and fat, may seals are -impervious- to the cold.

(adj.) - hastily done, rash; too quickly initiated without proper thought

He played like he did not know the rules, just one impetuous undirected move after another.

(v.) 1. to impact or affect; 2. to encroach or infringe

1. The hail -impinged- the roof leaving dents all over it.
2. Sorry for -impinging- on you, but I really need to use your bathroom.

(adj.) impossible to placate or appease

Watch out: Once you shun Grandma's cooking, she's totally -implacable- and you'll never be able to make peace with her.

(adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent

The -impudent- young man looked the princess up and down and told her she was a really hot babe, despite being the old king's daughter.

(adj.) in early stage, unformed

The committee wants a completely thought out proposal, not the quick -inchoate- ramblings that you have presented here.

(adj.) indisputable, unquestionable

Only stubborn Susan would attempt to circumvent the -incontrovertible- laws of physics.

(in-de-fat'-ti-ga-bull) [more easily pronounced by sounding an extra "t"]
(adj.) - incapable of defeat, of failure, or of decline; unfatiguing

Even after jogging 50 more miles, the -indefatigable- runner was still going strong.

(adj.) cannot be expressed in words; unutterable because of a taboo

The -ineffable- experience of swimming with the whales can only be understood by being there.

(adj.) incapable of being persuaded or placated; not willing to make peace

Some Muslins have such an -inexorable- hatred of non-Muslims that they see nothing wrong with acting as terrorists.

(adj.) hostile

The arrogant interviewer was such an -inimical- ass that I should have taken his lead and punched his lights out then and there.

(adj.) Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentment

Considering his constant -invidious- comments about their background, it's obvious that he cannot deal with immigrants without arousing their anger.

(adj.) extremely joyfull/happy

Finally winning the World Series set off thousands of -jubilant- celebrations throughout Boston.