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Religion of the Incas
Respect for nature, Inti is the sun god, the sapa inca is the son of inti, and he is the Supreme head of hte empire
Every day thingsthat have special powers (ex. trees, stones, etc.)

they gave sacrifices and offerings (ex. llamas and children) to a huaca that they found.
Respect for ancestors
dried and preserved belongings,
regular offerings of food and drink
how many Incas ruled how many people, of how many peoPLES, and speaking how many different languages?
40,000 incas, 12 million people, 20 different languages.
how large was the Incan Empire?
2,500 miles of land along the west coat of S. America, same distance as DC to LA
What system of government did the incas have? Name the classes.
pyramid: top to bottom.

1)Sapa Inca
2)4 governors who ruled 4 provinces
3)Higher officials
4)Lower officials (including toco y ricos, who acted as police/inspectors)
5) farmers
-Worked part of the year for the government
-Also mined, served in the army, were servants to nobles, and built roads and buildings-each family wove one peice of clothing for the government storehouse
-clothing woven by women
Cuzco's nickname
the golden capital
Cuzco symbolized the Incan ______ and ______
strength and power
Who could live in Cuzco?
only the highest nobles and preists
What were the temples and palaces made of (besides gold) in Cuzco? and....of course, elaborate :-D Did this method of building work?
Massive stones. Eact weighed about 126 tons, and were put together like a jigsaw puzzle using only rollers and rope. Then, they were pounded into the correct shape with hard river stones. Cuzco remains today despite Conquests, earthquakes, and general wear and tear.
What was the "gold" part of the "golden city"?
Main temples had golden walls and threads of gold woven in thatched roofs.
Who was responsible for writing and illustrating incan life? Tell about his story and background
Huaman Poma. He was the son of an Incan cheif, who wrote and illustrated incan life.
-The first new chrinicle and good government
- Sent this to the king of spain during the conquest, pleading for better treatment of his people
-....the king never read it.
system of knots used maintain records without a writing system, using knots and colored strings.
What did Incans eat?
200 kinds of potatoes
-Guinea pigs
-quioa (grain)
Coca plant and its use by the Incas
called "white gold" by the incas
strictly regulated and considered a luxury
leaves used in offerings
chewed during religious ceremonies
given to workers to prevent hunger, fatigue, and high altitude sickness
President of Peru
Alberto Fugimori
messanger (on foot) for the Incan people
knot system used to keep records
Incan language (still spoken today)
Define: Empire
A territory inhabited by different people, and ruled by a single monarch
Machu picchu
Incan Empire citadel (fortress city)
S.A. countries in Incan Empire
Can every person bite chewy apples?

Columbia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.