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Rule: to express gratitude or apology

Por - por la ayuda - (for the help)

Rule: for velocity, frequency and proportion

Por - para semana - per week

Rule: meaning "through," "along," "by" or "in the area of"

Por - por el parque - through the park

Rule: when talking about exchange, including sales

diez dólares por el libro - ten dollars for the book

Rule: to express a length of time

Por - por dos horas - for two hours

Rule: to express an undetermined, or general time, meaning "during"

Por - por la noche - during the night

Rule: for means of communication or transportation

Por - hablar por teléfono - speak by phone

Rule: when followed by an infinitive, to express an action that remains to be completed

Por (+infinitive) - por cocinar - yet to be cooked

Rule: to express cause or reason

Por - murio por falta de agua - died for lack of water

Rule: means to be in the mood, or inclined to do something

Estar por - estoy por tomar cafe - I'm in the mood for drinking coffee

Rule: in passive constructions

Por - escrito por - written by

Rule: to indicate destination

Para - salió para madrid - left for madrid

Rule: to show the use or purpose of a thing

Para - El vaso es para agua - the glass is for water

Rule: to mean "in order to" or "for the purpose of"

Para - Para hacer una paella - to make a paella

Rule: to indicate a recipient

Para - Este regalo es para ti - this gift is for you

Rule: to express a deadline or specific time

Para - necesito el vestido para el lunes - I need the dress by monday

Rule: to express a contrast from what is expected

Para - Para un niño lee muy bien - for a child, he reads very well

Rule: to express an action that will soon be completed

Estar para - el tren esta para salir - the train is about to leave

Rule: Why? (for what reason)

¿Por que?

Rule: Why? (For what purpose)

¿Para que?