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?Que hiciste el verano pasado?
what did you do last summer?
?Que tal lo pasaste?
Did you have a good time
?Adonde fuiste?
Where did you go?
Que te parecio...?
How was...?
viaje a...
I travled to...
Lo pase de pelicula/de maravilla
I had a great time
Fui a...
I went to...
Lo/la encontre muy interesante
I found it very interesting
De nino, me gustaba...
As a child, i liked to...
cuando era joven, solia...
when i was young, i usually...
de pequeno, me lo pasaba bomba...
when i was little, i had a great time...
lo encontraba genial...
i though... was great...
siempre disfrutaba de...
i always enjoyed...
cuando tenia diez anos, me encantaba...
when i was ten, i loved to...
collect seashells
coleccionar caracoles
to enjoy
disfrutar de
to have fun
to rain buckets
llover a cantaros
la llovizna