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Uses of Estar
-How something is
*Geographic or physical location
*State or Condition
*Many idiomatic expressions
*Progressive Tenses
Uses of Ser
-What something is
*Hour,day, date
*Place of origin
*religious or politcal affiliation
*The material something is made of
*Relationship of one person to another
*Certain impersonal expressions
*Where an event is taking place
*essential qualities
Saber Vs. Conocer
Saber: To know (facts, information, how to do something, something by heart)

Conocer: To know (to be familiar with people, places things)
Rules for Por
-To express gratitude or apology
-For multiplication and division
-For velocity, frequency and proportion
-Meaning "through," "along," "by" or "in the area of"
-When talking about exchange, including sales
-To express a length of time
-To express an undetermined, or general, time meaning "during"
-For means of communication or transportation
-In cases of mistaken identity, or meaning "to be seen as"
-To show the reason an errand )with ir, venir, pasar, mandar, volver , and preguntar
-When followed by an infiniteve to express an action that remains to be completed, use por + infinitive
-To express cause or reason
-"estar por" means to be in the mood, or inclined to do womething
Rules for Para
-To indicate destination
-To show the use or purpose of a thing
-to mean "in order to" or "for the purpose of
-To indicate a redipient
-TO express a deadline of specific time
-to express a contrast from what is being expected
-"estar para" to express an action that will soon be completed