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How do you answer 911 emergency lines?
"911, do you need police, fire, or medical rescue?"
What do you say once a caller has identified if they need police, fire, or medical rescue?
"Where is help needed?"
What are Priority 1 calls?
Major Emergencies
What color are Priority 1 calls?
What are Priority 2 calls?
Emergency Calls
What color are Priority 2 calls?
What are Priority 3 calls?
Routine Response Calls
What color are Priority 3 calls?
What are Priority 4 calls?
All calls held per the field supervisor for the first available unit - FAU
(For dispatch use ONLY)
What color are Priority 4 calls?
Dark Green
What are Priority 5 calls?
All calls related to fire rescue or FHP, where the field supervisor requests that a particular agency advise if PD is needed.
(For dispatch use ONLY)
What color are Priority 5 calls?
What are yellow colored calls?
Calls that have timed out.
What color are calls that have timed out?
What are red colored calls?
Priority 1
Major Emergencies
What are blue colored calls?
Priority 2
Emergency Calls
What are green colored calls?
Routine Response Calls
What do you say when you transfer a caller to another agency?
"This is BSO, CDC-1 with a transfer."
How do you answer non-emergency lines?
"Communications, may I help you?"
How do you answer the non-emergency lines when you are processing multiple calls?
"Communications, do you have an emergency?"

If caller says it IS an emergency, process the call.

If caller says it is NOT an emergency, ask the caller to hold and then place them on hold.
How do you answer a line that has been on hold?
"Thank you for holding, how may I help you?"