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Kids platters
served with choice of one sidekick, and one peice of garlic or cornbread, and a soft drink or fresh brewed ice tea
pulled chicken
(Jr Pulled Chick PL) around 3oz pulled chicken
Chicken tenders
(Jr Chick Tend PL) 3 tenders
BAR-B-Q Pulled Pork
(Jr. Pulled PL) around 3oz pulled
BAR-B-Q beans & franks
(Jr B&F) 1 all beef hot dog and small bowl of BBQ beans
BAR-B-Q Pork
(Jr.Pork PL) around 3oz sliced or pulled
Pulled Beef Brisket
(Jr Brisket PL) around 3oz pulled brisket
Classic Rub Beef Brisket
(Jr Cls Brisket PL) around 3oz sliced
Smoked Turkey
(Jr Turk PL) around 3oz sliced
BAR-B-Q Chicken
(Jr Chick PL) around 2 piece's ( white OR dark)
ST. Louis Cut Ribs
(Jr Rib PL) around 3 small ribs
Macaroni & Cheese
(Jr Mac & Cheese) 5oz bowl