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Papa has a hard time finding work because
A the cotton crop is poor
B the country is in a depression
C he is not a lumberman
D his horse is sick
Mama was going to use the stolen money to buy
A eggs
B milk
C medicine
D clothes
The trees that are going to be chopped down are owned by
A Mr. Andersen
B Papa
C Mama
D Big Ma
Cassie feels that the trees are
A her friends
B frightening
C just trees
D noisy
When Mr. Andersen talks to Mama and Big Ma, he is
A respectful
B understanding
C angry
D calm
Cassie rushes toward Mr. Andersen because
A he pushes Little Man
B he gets dirt on her clothes
C he swings a huge stick at Mama
D he shouts at the kids to go home
During the night Papa and Stacey are busy
A talking with Mr. Andersen
B unloading Mr. Andersen's wagons
C setting sticks of dynamite
D hiding the black box
Papa tells Mr. Andersen that he is willing
A to accept a hundred dollars
B to work out a new contract
C to take back the logs
D to die today or tomorrow
At first Mr. Andersen's response to Papa is one of
A disbelief
B humor
C trust
D sorrow
Papa gives Mr. Andersen a look that is
A blank
B sympathetic
C wondering
D piercing
Papa can best be described as
A proud
B patient
C shy
D passive
Mr. Andersen is a static character because
A he struggles with the other
B his feelings toward the Logans
C he changes very little during
the story
D he is an unlikable character
The Logans appreciate the trees for their
A lumber
B shade
C size
D history
In the Song of the Trees, Taylor's basic intent is to explore
A the Great Depression
B family pride
C the importanceof forests
D Southern life
The singing of the trees in this story symobolizes
A birth
B death
C life
D luck
mixing in other's affairs
large branches of a tree
in a short, rude way
in an unbelieving way
mocked, teased
fluttered in the air
a slow economic time
small opening
in an arrogant way