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IDE Stands For

IDE - Integrated Developer Environment - Software that helps to author code.

BCL Stands For

BCL - Base Class Library - Classes from the .NET Framework created by Microsoft.

EXE Stands For

EXE - Executable - Runnable software.

DLL Stands For

DLL - Dynamic Link Library(also called Class Library) - code that can be used by other applications.

CLR Stands For

CLR - Common Language Runtime - a sandbox where your code is ran, and the CLR handles tasks like memory management, what happens when you start/stop and when errors occur.

Namespaces are...

Namespaces - code separated into groups for a common task. Work like paths in a file system.

the "using" keyword is...

"Using" - keyword that works as a statement that allows the computer to know where to search for classes to use.

Classes in Visual Studio are what color?

Classes are cyan colored in Visual Studio. If a class is black with a red underline, it is not found by the computer, this is almost always because it has not been declared with a using statement, or the class has been spelled wrong.

The System Namespace is for

All of base data (numbers, text, dates), error handling, classes, and console interaction

System.Collections is for

Classes for dealing with groups of data.

System.Data is for

Classes for dealing with databases

System.IO is for

Allows reading and writing to files and other data steams

System.Text is for

Working with text data

System.Timers is for

Allows for performing actions on regular intervals

System.Web is for

All sorts of Internet interactive functionality

System.XML is for

Allows for reading and writing XML data.


eXtensible Markup Language A common format to share data between systems independent of software or hardware constraints.