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How does soil gain nitrogen?

-Nitrogen fertilizers.

-Legume nitrogen fixation.

-Animal manure.

How is nitrogen lost from soil?

-Animal uptake.

-Plant uptake.

-Gaseous losses.

What are the requirements of nitrifiers?

Soil pH - 4.5-7.5.

Soil moisture and aeration - field capacity.

Soil temperature - 25-30 degrees.

Soil nutrient status - P deficiency, excess or low NH4+, excess trace elements and pesticides.

How does denitrification occur?

-Wide range of microoroganisms.

-Occuurs in anaerobic conditions (O2 low) including localised zones within the soil profile.

C6H12O6 + 6N03- ----> 6C02 + 6h20 +2N2.


-Available C source.

-Soil pH: not less than pH 5.

-Soil temp: Very slow <10 degrees; stops <2 degrees.