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Defone legislation

The passing of laws that determine what is legal and what is not

Define funding

The channeling of money to different groups where specific circumstances apply e.g benefits for single parents

Define campaigns

Using advertisement/media to try and influence behaviour of society

Define family ideology

An idea about the family

Outline the 'Child support act of 1991'

Forced absent fathers to give financial support to the child's mother for their child, reducing the reliance on state wellfare

Outline the 'Family law act of 1996'

One year waiting period before couples could divorce.

Was never passed as a judge deemed it unworkable

Outline the 'sure start programme'

Provides financial care for low income families

Outline the impact of adoption policies/IVF and analyse

•Single/same sex parents care now child rear = greater family diversity

•Postmodernists recognise increasing family diversity