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Shared defintion of Groups

Two or more individuals who interact share goals and norms and have a subjective awareness "we" that is a distinct social unit.

Definition and composition of A group.

The composition of A group is dependent on the size and age of group.

What is a Dyad?

Group consisting of 2 people

What is a Triad?

Consisting of three people.

Primary vs Secondary group

Primary groups consist of intimate face to face interaction, long lasting relationships.


Secondary group: Longer in membership, less intimate, and less long lasting.

A Gang an example of what type of what group?

A gang is seen as a Primary group, because of their significant influence on an indivual.

Weber's ideal type

A model rarely seen in reality but that defines the principal characteristics of A social form.

Webers view of bureaucracies?

Allowed workplace to be more authoritative and rigid.

Charles Horton Cooley

Famous sociologists introduced the concept of a primary group.

What is a reference group?

May or may not belong to but use as standard for evaluating your values, attitudes, and behaviors.

What is organizational Behavior

Study of the way people interact in organizational settings.

What is considered a Deviant?

Violating expected rules and normal

The sociological perspective on deviants behavior?

Deviance tends to stabilize society.

Durkheims view of how deviance is functional.

He discovered that deviance is functional for society because it creates social cohesion.

The Chicago school

In sociology was first major body of works emerging during the 1920's and 1930's specializing in urban sociology.

symbolic interactionist view of how deviants view themselves?

Crime is behavior learned through social interaction

Define Labeling theory

The branch of symbolic interaction that shows attaching a label or assignment of deviance causes a response which more deviance.

Anomie suicide

When disentigrating forces in society make people feel lost or alone.

Altruistic Suicide

Excessive regulations from social forces and example would be someone who commits suicide for a political or religious cause

Egoistic Suicide

Occurs when people feel totally detached from society.

Define Social control

Process by which individuals and groups are brought into conformity with societies expectations.

Who is W.I Thomas? (1863-1947)

Among one of the first to develop a sociological perspective of deviance at the CHICAGO SCHOOL.

Whos is Edwin Sutherland?

Argued that be coming a deviant or criminal comes from learning criminal ways within primary groups to which one belongs

Definition of social stratification

Hierarchial arrangement in society by which groups have different access to resources, power, and perceived social worth

Karl Marx

Analysis of Capitalism class system. Divided into capitalist class and proletariat class (working class)

Marxs view of social classes

Although he believed Capitalaim was basis for social institutions. Still believed that development of Capitalism would cause class struggle.

Webers view of power vs Marx

Weber responsible for multidimensional view of social stratification. Analyzed cultural,economic, and political.