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What does Valid mean?
A true piece of evidence or a respondents point of view etc...
What does reliability mean?
What does open question mean?
Allowing the respondent to put forward his/her own answers
What does closed question mean?
Requiring the respondent to choose bettween a number or a given answer
What does overtly mean?
People knowing you are doing the research
What does covertly mean?
People not knowing your doing the research
What does structed interview mean?
The interviewer reads the standard questions from a pre set list
What does unstructed interviw mean?
Interviewees have the oppurtunity to talk at length using their own words and ideas
What does participant observation mean?
The participant knows the researcher is there
What does non participant observation mean?
The participant doesnt know the researcher is there
What does quantitative data mean?
Datawhich is represented in a numerical form
What does qualitative data mean?
Data which is represented in words
What does intergration mean?
The process by which someone is assimilated (becomes part of) society
What does socialisation mean?
The process by which norms and values are transmitted
What does social solidarily mean?
Shared views/beliefs of a society that help bind society together
What does value consensus mean?
The shared value of society
What does collective conscience mean?
The group mind. The shared conscience of a group/society
eg- 10 commandments
What does egocentric mean?
To believe your the centre of everything
What does functionlism mean?
How the jobs of society make it a society
Who was Talcott Parsons?
He invented functionlism
What does patriarchy mean?
Male dominance over women
What are lone parent families?
A parent with a child/children living on their own
What are cohabiting couple families?
A married couple with no children
What does ethnicity mean?
Characteristics of social groups who have a sense of shared identity based on cultural, religious or traditional influences
What does ethnic minority mean?
People who are from a different ethnic background to the general population
What does ethnic majority
The ethnicity of the general population
What does role conflict mean?
Conflict between the role of a wife and mother and the pressures of working your way up the career lader
What does secondary socilisation mean?
The process by which a person learns the cultre at school
What does formal control mean?
Detentions etc... Punishments and rules to keep students in order and school
What does informal control mean?
How to wear uniform, how much homework you admit to doing
What is the hidden curriculum?
What we learn from the way the school is organised
What does informal learning mean?
Things you learn without even realising it
What does elaborated code mean?
Spelling out the many meanings which are left un spoken by the resticted code
What does labelling mean?
When you label someone as a certain type of person
What does restricted code mean?
Short hand speech
What does self fulfilling prophecy mean?
When someone lives up to the label they have been given
What does ethnography mean?
Studying groups of people through observation
What does formal economy mean?
Official paid employment with a payslip
What does informal economy mean?
Work which is not officially recorded eg with a pay slip
What does hidden economy mean?
Work done for cash in hand
What does communal economy mean?
Volutry work
What does glass ceiling mean?
A invisible barrier to promotion
What does vertical segregation mean?
In some occupations men and women are found with different jobs
What does invisible walls mean?
Segregate/divide female and male occupations
What does pressure group mean?
A group a people with the same interests/concerns
What is a protective pressure group?
Groups who seek to defend/protect their members interests
What is a promotional pressure group?
Groups who seek to promote a cause/acheive a particular set of changes or campaign on a specific issue
What does unemployment mean?
People who have been out of work for more than 24hrs