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When was anti-asian violence the highest?



Violent attacks against members of the disliked race

Anti-asian violence was a major factor in the formation of

pan-asian coalition

Vincint chin case

2 white out of work detroit autoworker blamed asians for their job loss and beat him to death, spent no jail time, and helped to solidify pan-asian movement

Model minority

minority groups that have ostensibly achieved a high level of success in contemporary american society (Asians)

What is the problem with the model minority myth?

Hides the differences in social conditions among different asian american groups and is used as justification for existing racial inequality

Asian americans are considered to be

Forever foreigner

Asian americans in the media

Under represented in lead roles, lack of character depth, roles conform to racial stereotypes

1st wave of great migration

the "old immigration" 1820's to 1880's

2nd wave of great migration

the "new immigration" 1880's to 1920's

3rd wave of great migration

post 1965

In the 18th century, Germans mainly settled in

Pennsylvania and other midatlantic states

19th century Germans settled in

the midwest and the formation of Germantown communities

The irish were the first

large immigration of non protestants, peasant cultural background

Italians manly came from

southern Italy

Jews cam from

Russia, Poland, and other eastern european nations

Italians were ill prepared for

urban jobs

"Cultural explanation" for differences between Jewish and Italian immigrants

Jews valued education leading them into higher paying skilled jobs while Italians valued family and loyalty which led them into hardships in an industrialized culture

"Structural explanation" for differences between Jewish and Italian immigrants

Prior Jewish occupational status allowed for rapid entry in high paying job market while Italians former peasant status did not

Intermarriage illegal in 16 states until

1967; Loving vs. Virginia

Historically and today, which are the two groups least likely to intermarry with each other?

Blacks and Whites

Border patrolling

"Patrolling" the racial boundaries to prevent mixing

White patrolling

ensuring racial "purity," privilege, power

Black patrolling

maintaining loyalty to the race and to cultural identity

Why are their more biracial americans?

More willing to report biracial origins and there is more interracial marriage

The three generation hypothesis

Ethnic revival among the third generation

1.5 generation

foreign born immigrants who come under the age of 10

2.5 generation

One native parent and one foreign born parent


sustained ties of persons and networks across international borders that is more intense among today's immigrants than previously

Social Capital

resources available to a individual or group through social relationships, networks, and institutions that tend to promote integration

Segmented assimilation

Variety of immigrant life outcomes, one model does not fit all groups or even every member of any group

3 patterns of segmented assimilation

Quick upwards mobility and integration into the main stream, downward assimilation, limited or selective assimilation

downward assimilation because...

limited resources, lack of stable employment or not enough income, weak community ties / limited mutual assistance

Limited or selective assimilation

immigrants parents support their educational success, also reinforce traditional cultural values, parents try to limit acculturation into american youth subculture

Immigrants have an effect on the _______ segment of the labor market


Immigrants create....

many new jobs

Different roles in the economy by immigrants means that there is...

not much direct competition with native workers

In some major immigrant receiving state the costs are ______ than the contributions which are ________ by ________

greater, offset, taxes

At national level, immigrants _______ add to the economy


Nativist backlash

fear of new immigrants

Official english movement

push for making English the official language for all public business


inclusion of curricular material relating to the contributions of non european to us history