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To have more than one wife
Found in small-scale traditional societies
Privilege of the wealthy
Two or more brothers are married to one wife
Explained as a way of preventing land from being divided into less profitable units when a family of sons inherits from the previous generations
Concentrates on wealth of each household by maintaining a large population of working adult males under one roof
Reasons for increase in divorce
1) Changes in law
2)Declining stigma and attitudes
3) Secularization(Decline of religion)
4)Rising expectations of marriages
5)Changes in the position of women
Reasons for cohabitation
1)Decline in stigma
2)Young are more likely to accept cohabitation
3)Less religious do it
4)Women have more financial stability
Reasons for increase in same-sex relationship
1)Increased social acceptance of same sex relationships..Stigma
2)Less religious
3)Changes in law
Creative Singlehood
The deliberate choice to live alone
Living apart together
Reasons for lone-parent families
1.Too few partners available in their age group
2.Children outside of marriage(less stigma attached to it)
3.Women not in relationship- wanting to adopt
4.Number of people opting for 'creative single hood'
5.Change in women economic role
6.Decline in numbers marrying- trend towards people marrying later
7. Increase in separation and divorce