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John believes that, in general, "people get what they deserve." His assumption is most closely aligned with ___.
just world beliefs
___ are constitutional guarantees to question and to engage in activities leading to social change.
civil liberties
Limited employment options result in limited options for housing. This consequence represents racial discrimination at the ___.
structural level
___ is the economic, social, and psychological domination and exploitation of one group by another.
Adultcentric views, hurrying children to grow up "too soon" and other behaviors that devalue childhood are examples of ___.
According to structural functional theorists in sociology, social injustice continues because of the role social injustice plays in society is perceived as legitimate.
Ageism is limited to prejudicial attitudes about older adults.
The ideology which justifies the subordination of a group by claiming that it is culturally inferior is ___.
People with disabilities represent the largest disenfranchised group in the United States.
Founded by Maggie Kuhn, the activist organization that promotes the interests and rights of older persons is called the ___,
Gray Panthers
Sexism ___.
justifies the position that men and women are unequal
Lee is irrationally fearful of having contact with anyone who is not heterosexual. Lee's irrational fear is called ___.
Discrimination is a civil rights issue.
Jeremy is limited in his search for gainful employment because of architectural barriers in workplaces. According to the World Health Organization, this social disadvantage is a(n) ___.
People who believe in a just world are likely to be social activists.
When clients conclude that they can do nothing to change their situations, their conclusion reflects a phenomenon called ___.
learned helplessness
Laws dealing with equal opportunity most likely deal with ___.
civil rights
Social stratification affects the opportunities that are available to people.
The rights to housing, medical care, social security, education, and social services are all ___.
social and economic rights
Prejudicial attitudes and behavior represents discrimination at the ___.
individual level