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Ecological Prespective

•interrelationshipsbetween living organisms and their physical and biological environments.Based on the premise that the relationship between theindividual and their social environment determines the individual’s lifesituation




•Microlevel – individuals, families and groups. Sw need to know dynamic as well as human evelopment, social and environment infliuene

•Mezzolevel – formal groups and organizations. Sw Provide resources such as consulting, education, human resource, development and evaluation

•Macrolevel – community, society, world community, professionalsystem of social work. Sw resvolve intergroup tension and commmunity problems by initiating social action and social changes.

At risk in social Functioning

identifiable conditions exist that could have a negtive impact on social functioning.

Geno Gram

•Genograms illustrate the structure and interrelationships withina family. They usually cover twogenerations and include names, dates of marriages, divorces and death. Sometimes other information is included aswell.

Eco Maps

•Eco-maps clients and workers visualize illustrate clients’environmental resources and constraints. They show significant relationships between clients and theirenvironment.


•social workersand clients analyze information about the clients’ situations, selectintervention strategies, and identify the resources needed to resolve thepresenting issues.

•Assessmentsare based on strengths which helps clients generate solutions and enhancestheir participation in the process.

Assement Process

Identifying Strengths: help people to change

Assessing Resource Capabilities: ascetain ways to reduct impact of problem

Social Studies: define problems, issues and needs inherent in the situation and emphasize clinets stregnths. problem may be affects of community. Ex: community survey,policy and program analyses

Cultural Consideration: info about cultural values and patterns. Ex: immigrantion, traiditon, relgious rituals

Framing solution:sw and clitns draw their mutal resources to put goals and objectives into plans of action


•Social workersempower their clients’ by providing a climate that includes a professionalrelationship, resources, and procedural means through which clients’ can changetheir lives.

Ethical Dilemma's

§Ethicaldilemma’s occur when social workers must choose between two conflicting ethicalstandards.


arethe implicit and explicit ideas about what we cherish as ideal of preferable.Values define norms or guidelines for behavior


§relateto what people consider correct or right. Ethics generates standards thatdirect one’s conduct. Ethics are “values in action.”

Social Darwinism

▪drawingon Darwin’s theory of evolution and Lamarck’s theory of inheritedcharacteristics. Suurvial of the fittest


▪Oppressioninvolves political, economic, social and psychological domination of one groupby another.Dominategroups target minority groups for acts of social injustice


tendency to maintain social structures that benefit self interests of powerful groups and institutions


one sex is superior to the other. Manifestsas prejudicial attitudes against females, giving gender privilege to men


–attitudes that presume people in lower socioeconomic classes as “slackers” whoare less worthy and less competent than those in upper classes

Gay and lesbian issue s

•Social workersaddress gay and lesbian work related issues through education and advocacyaround issues such as: job discrimination, fear of HIV/AIDS, denial or workrelated benefits for same sex partners, and development of policies andprocedures that are sensitive to gay and lesbian concerns.

chau study

minorities have to live in an environment where the dominate culture provides goods and services neccessary fro living. .draw on resources of their nurturing environments.


general human experience of developing a sense of meaning, purpose and morality. Quesitons about the meaning in thir lives outside of organized relgion .