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What group left England because they wanted to change some religious practices to purify the Church of England?
the Puritans
Who brought the second groups of Puritans to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 and served as their governor several times over twenty years?
John Winthrop
This was where Puritans conducted all town business
a Town Meeting
If you lived in Massachusetts Bay Colony towns during this time, what beliefs did you have to follow?
The Puritan beliefs
This man left the Massachusetts Bay Colony because he thought people should be able to follow their own religious beliefs--
Roger Williams
This woman was expelled from the Puritan Church because she questioned the authority and teaching of Puritan ministers--
Anne Hutchinson
This allowed landowning male colonists in Connecticut to elect their government leaders--
The Fundamental Orders
This was an important whaling town in New England-
New Bedford, Massachusetts
What 3 areas did the triangular trade routes connect?
1. England,
2. the English colonies in North America, and
3. the west coast of Africa
How did England try to control colonial trading?
by allowing the colonies to export goods only to England and other English colonies and to import goods only from England.
Led the first group of Puritans to New England-
John Endecott
organized a confederation of New England settlers-
John Winthrop
was a minister in Salem, Massachusetts, before he founded Providence, Rhode Island--
Roger Williams
Founded Hartford, Connecticut, with his followers
Thomas Hooker
Founded Strawberry Banke, which later became Portsmouth, New Hampshire
David Thomson