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believed Christian teachings went against Judaism, took part in persecutions of Christians, he was surrounded by a bright light and after this experience he became dedicated to Christianity
where Christianity was founded, a Roman province
what Jesus and his followers declared him
Pontius Pilate
Jesus was put to death by crucifixion on the order of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea
Edict of Milan
Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which legalized Christianity throughout the empire
Nicene Creed
When Emperor Constantine called the Council of Nicaea to put together a creed that said God and Christ were of the same substance
Petrine Theory
This theory said that the pope in Rome was the heir to Peter, the first Bishop of Rome
invaded the empire, threatened to enslave or destroy both Romans and Germans
leader of the Huns in their invasions of Europe, defeated the Romans and Goths
Anglo Saxons
invaders who destroyed Roman civilization in Britain, set up rival kingdoms
Saint Patrick
a famous missionary, journeyed to Ireland to convert Celtic peoples to the faith and founded many monasteries
Saint Benedict
set up a monastery at Monte Cassino in Italy and drew up rules for the monks to live by
Pepin’s son who inherited the throne, he expanded the Frankish lands into a large empire
Carolingian Renaissance
Aix-la-Chapelle was famous as the center of a great revival of learning