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Primary Sources

Secondary sources
- diary enteries and letters

- text books, books
eastern woodlands housing
long houses
plains housing
southwest housing
homes made of adobe / peublos
How did native Americans get to the American Continents
by a land bridge/ Beringia
what was the League of Iroquois?
an alliance between 5 Iriquois Nations to end the fighting
How did the environment affect the development between the Native American cultures
temperature and landforms
Why were Europeans interested in exploration?
God- for relious purposes
Glory- famous
Gold- riches. and money
May Flower Compact
A framework for governing their colony wrotten by Pilgrims
House Of Burgesses
Where represesntitves of the government met in an assembly
General Court
elected representives assembly in the Massachsets Bay colony
Fundameantal Orders of Connectucuit
a 1639 plan of government in the puritan colony in Conneticuit. gave vote to all men who owned property, limited the governers power.
New England Economy
poor farming, hunting, fishing and whale hunting.
MIddle Colony Economy
farming grew wheat, barley and rye they became cash crops.
Southern Colony Economy
farming, slavery, long growing seasons