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Define Geography.
Geography is the study of the earth and the different kinds of things on it, including people.
What are the Five Themes of Geography?
1. Location
2. Description of Place
3. People and their Environment
4. Movement
5. Regions
People who study geography are called...
The e---------- is the surroundings in which a person, plant, or animal lives.
How have geographers organize their work so that it is easier to study?
They have divided the study of geography into 5 themes.
Define "area".
the amount of land
A r----- is a large area with common features that set it apart from other areas.
Why do geographers divide the earth into regions?
The earth is such a big area that geographers divide it into regions so that it is easier to study.
Define "landforms".
the shapes that make up the earth's surface
Give two examples of landforms.
mountains, hills, plains
N----- f------- are the parts of the earth made by nature.
Nature features
A pl--- is a large area of flat or nearly flat land.
Give two examples of bodies of water.
ocean, lakes, rivers
About three-fourths of the earth's surface is covered by w----.
The five G---- L---- make-up the largest region of fresh water in the world.
Great Lakes
Define "natural resources".
Natural resources are things found in nature that are useful to people.
Name two natural resources.
soil, water, oil, coal natural gas, many plants, and animals
The C------ P---- begins as a narrow, sandy strip of land along the Atlantic Ocean in Massachusetts and stretches south into Florida.
Coastal Plain
The I------- P----- stretch across the middle of the United States and northward into Canada, and is known for its rich soil.
Interior Plains
The G---- B---- D----- is the largest U.S. desert, and is bordered by the Sierra Nevada Range ont he west and the Rocky Mountians on the east.
Great Basin Desert
The C----- R---- is made up of mountains that lie along the edge of the Pacific Coast.
Coastal Range
Define coast.
A coast is the land next to an ocean.
Define basin.
A basin is a low, bow-shaped area of land that is almost completely surrouned by higher lands.
Which state is made up of a group of islands?
Which two states are not bordered by other states?
Alaska and Hawaii
How many states are there?
What states border Illinois?
Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa
An i----- is a body of land completely surrounded by water.
The A------- M----- are low, rounded mountains thickly covered with trees, and cover much of the eastern part of the United States.
Appalachin Mountains
The R---- M-------- begin in Alaska and continue south through Canada and much of the western United States.
Rocky Mountains